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  1. Heya. Thanks for pointing out the skin discrepancies. We'll have a look into them. Interesting points re: the homepage and space. Basically that's an iframe of the old old Shetlink homepage *shivers in horror at the use of technology there!!*. It's going to be upgraded to how it functions shortly. The forum is now standalone whilst the http routing for Shetlink base entry now points to the homepage. If you re-bookmark on the forum it will stay as that URL for now. There's a vast array of stuff going on in the background and some of that is popping up in the LIVE version of Shetlink for good or bad.
  2. Probably around the time you posted that it was fixed. Shouldn't now be an issue.
  3. Hi, There'll probably be a few adverts for folk that'll be causing issues like that now upon renewal; way to go for fiddling with things a couple of weeks back. If you're happy to just add in a new advert then go for it otherwise if you fire across the actual advert in a PM someone can have a looksee and get back to you.
  4. The only advert with the word cycle that is open is your advert - "Childs Cycle Seat For Adult Bike"
  5. *yawn* that is an interpretation The reporting function should now function ...
  6. There's now a substantial amount of "What is the best provider" threads on Shetlink. Give some funky articulate reasoning behind your scoring to give some weight to your answers whilst moderators look for the best thread to join this one to Thanks.
  7. Altered it to show from the database. Keep an eye on it and we'll see what the craic is when it runs it's time.
  8. Can you come back with what the number of the advert is? i.e. /classifieds/item/3107-wooble/ or at least the numeric part of it. will have a look to see
  9. Perhaps a specific area where someone could post a message as a service. Certainly not as any form of discussion. Perhaps the calendar could be moulded to provide such a service? If anyone wants to take the initiative and get back in contact through PM technologically it will certainly be possible.
  10. Interesting development in the classifieds section of Shetlink. Out the back of it a new section "Lost & found" has been created. A ring found in Union Street has been posted and someone from the Shetlink --> Shetlink Facebook Classifieds page has alerted someone else of this on Facebook. Ideally the lost ring in question can find it's owner. There is no feedback loop to Shetlink from Facebook so I'm posting this as a point of reference as well as to say - "Hey, there's now a new section in the classifieds". ... and life goes on ...
  11. Perhaps if you provided articulate and reasoned dialogue to complement your little outburst there people may give it more credence.
  12. Mark it 'closed' by pressing the 'closed' button
  13. Notification emails have been kinda funky these last few days. We got the gimp out the box and they've been beaten into submission and looking into that. When an advert expires you are sent a notification - ideally! - and then you can re-list. You can check it all out here: http://www.shetlink.com/index.php?app=classifieds&module=manage
  14. ^^ lol @ JustMe .. yes, that has indeed been one of the many 'strange' things having happened within the hallowed walls of Shetlink in past times; ahm still waiting on my pedigree chihuahua!!! *whar's me peerie poopums at ?? I wonder though - and this is probably for another thread on how the 'Interweb' is changing organically as society accepts it more into everyday life - but, see that link!!? If you're not actually signed in and a member of Facebook all you get is a login page. That is a closed 'Net'. It is unavailable ... period.
  15. If it's any consolation 'anyone' signed up as a member to Shetlink can post in Shetlink's classifieds section. You can add as many pictures as you can to a 5Mb overall limit. Not just registered members but, 'anyone', can view your classified. It is even indexed by the major search engines; especially Google, pulling in even more people to view your Shetland classified advertisement. Shetlink's online community is not like Facebook's closed nature either - you don't even have to be a member to view - most things that is; if you do register you get added functionality such as Private Messaging, notifications, and additional forums for instance. As an added bonus, all Shetlink classified adverts are displayed automagically on Shetlink's Facebook Page thereby providing access directly to your Shetland adverts from Shetlink across Facebook's integrated user functionality. i.e. one can like, discuss, etc. Shetlink classifieds directly in Facebook. Now with login functionality, anyone whom is a member of Facebook can also log into (+register if not already) Shetlink simply by using their Facebook login. You can connect your current Shetlink account through this mechanism also if desired. Yep, I know! It was an advertisement opportunity! You can't slide Shetlink for that
  16. For clarity, this is in regards to the Shetland Classifieds on Facebook and nothing at all to do with Shetlink or associated Facebook classifieds feed from here! [EDIT] Looking into what's what. Presumably, the closed group aspect of their pages is a form of moderation? I suspect it's a thankless task.
  17. Added access to NDBC buoy / shipping data. Note the MET data feed can be quite slow - images will appear.
  18. Added official MET Office overlays to map. Can also choose to use GoogleMap as underlay now. Shame the MET Office rain radar overlay misses Shetland but, you get to see it against the other cloud and precipitation layers to gain additional insight.
  19. Map now with user controllable layers. Pick and choose what you want to see from the drop down icon in top right corner.
  20. Possibly coincedental ... been wondering. Maps are fed cross-net so shouldn't be affecting this server. There were huge spikes in traffic on Thursday day and into night. No-ones really been around over weekend so not sure. Will keep an eye on it.
  21. For users dilection. In development. View various sources both in one map and across maps. To be continued . . .
  22. Can you add the advert without the pictures first? Then press edit on your and add your pics. It'll then be your pics or not?!
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