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  1. Yep, we've been doing it this way for years and yes, are legally obliged to keep details secure! We are however developing an online system to cut down on the administrative effort that it is to process 5000-6000 tickets this way. We did online advance memberships this year (using PayPal as the payment method) and it was very successful. If all goes to plan, our tickets will be sold this way next year but given the popularity of the event - we need to ensure the new system is thoroughly tested and communicated to the public. Shop is open Thursday evenings and Saturdays from mid April for face to face sales (credit card, cash or cheque). Times are advertised on the form but a lot will have sold out by then.
  2. Yep - you're right. Like most things, our Festival has evolved and this is in response to customer feedback. Orkney Folk Festival has also changed significantly through the years and they programme many similar "Folk" bands to Shetland. Staging our Festival at the end of April/beginning of May brings a massive boost to the local economy and critically, this is in the off peak tourist season so we won't be looking to change this. Good luck exploring your idea. M
  3. Hi aye Thanks for all the positive feedback aabody. It really is appreciated. To add to the excitement levels (and da committee's stress levels) can I just say....TWO WEEKS TO GO!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO Anyhoo, in response to the initial queries though - my response is quite simple.......why no? We continue to programme many local bands that showcase the native Shetland traditions and influences in music but we do so alongside many other local bands whose focus is perhaps more country, jazz or bluegrass - because it's giving them all a platform to perform and is fantastic for showcasing Shetland's rich musical heritage and talent. We programme these local bands alongside visiting bands - and try to ensure that there is a diversity of music showcased using a fairly broad interpretation of the term "folk music". We do this because that is what the audience wants and has come to expect. In fact, the diversity of the music programmed is what we are regularly praised for. Like a business, our voluntary run Festival actively seeks feedback so that we can better understand what our audience (customers) want - which is why the survey we do on the back of the Festival each year is so important. In terms of visitors, the number who come back year after year is quite incredible actually! This year, the committee is particularly excited to invite Admiral Fallow to be part of the Folk Festival (which is definitely more indie, folk rock) and including this band is all about expanding our innovative programming and audience range. It's adds something to the overall package that we have to offer and will hopefully increase the number of Shetlanders who can benefit from the entertainment on offer. After all, that's why the Festival is organised - for the benefit of the Shetland community (not for any personal gains) In terms of understanding our audience, we do know from feedback that our process of selling tickets and memberships needs to be updated. Please be assured that online sales is something we are actively looking in to but it's important that it's well planned and well communicated (especially as our current system is so established). Hopefully next year Thanks again for everyones feedback. As the demand for tickets is so high, we've yet again expanded availability this year so there are still some tickets left. Please check the website www.shetlandfolkfestival.com for info Aa da best Mhari Pottinger Shetland Folk Festival Committee Shetland Folk Festival Society, Registered Scottish Charity (SC013445)
  4. Have just seen the footage on the news - it was only on for a couple of seconds and yes, it was quite effective. Not a stretcher in site I have to say. Seeing the state of the car, it confirms why I take the bus in this weather rather than the car. I have to say though, I have mixed feelings on this subject but agree with Bug - the key thing is what the person editing does with it (or that the photographer/filmer uses/chooses their footage carefully) I have first hand experience of loosing a relative in a car accident in Shetland (total accident - weather related) - the accident was on a Thursday morning and so there wasn't much time for the Shetland Times to do much of a story on it. However, it was through reading the column on the front of the Shetland Times that I learned the Fire Engines were there and that my brother had to be cut free from the wreckage. Obviously the police hadn't told us that detail - it wasn't exactly needed given you've already been told that there was a fatality. Unfortunately though, accidents are newsworthy though. I'm just glad that there wasn't much of a spread on it - I certainly didn't need to see any photographic evidence of it. I generally think that the Shetland Media handle these kind of situations well and I hope this continues in the future.
  5. The fact that all different weather websites say something different is the answer to your question - it's pretty difficult to provide an accurate weather forecast where snow is concerned..........Unfortunately.
  6. In theory, we could have weather like this until the end of February, March even. If we do, it's hardly practical to close the schools every day. However, we will need to get used with dealing with it and working around it. The condition of the roads is bound to vary across Shetland and it's for this reason that part of me thinks there needs to be a better system in place to decide and communicate on localised school closures. Also, if parents don't feel it is safe to put their children to school, they certainly shouldn't feel any pressure to do so. Where weather is concerned, I certainly don't think we should be too critical of decisions that are made regarding service delivery - today's heavy snow showers certainly were not forecast and the roads service man did say on Radio Shetland at five to seven that the roads were actually okay. Communication is key. Would also be good if there was a better system in place to communicate any changes to the bus routes/timetable too!! I for one don't drive in this weather and if the bus doesn't go, I don't go.
  7. Just a peerie reminder to folks about the Christmas Spree gigs. There are still tickets for the Whiteness and Weisdale gig on the Friday 10th December and for the afternoon/early evening gig in the Lerwick Legion on 12th December It is only Muckle Roe on the Saturday night that has sold out! Keep hearing rumours fae folk that they'd heard the whole weekend has sold out so thought I would just clarify Tickets for both concerts are selling weel though so dunna leave it ower late. As for the Trad Awards - voting closed on the 20th. We'll hear the outcome on Saturday in Perth. A few of us are going down for it (weather permitting!) - should be a good spree...... regardless of the outcome. It's great to be nominated. Thank you all for your support
  8. Hmmm - I think you can use a different name/email address perhaps? Thank you for your support
  9. Voting closes on Friday. Shetland Folk Festival for Event of the Year!! Go on go on go on, you know you want to http://www.handsupfortrad.co.uk/tradmusicawards/voting2010.html
  10. Tickets are now on sale at High Level Music for the pre Christmas gigs (which the SFFS is organising in partnership with Atlantic Edge Music Services). For a mere £12, you can catch 2 fantastic visiting bands and 2 brilliant local acts - either at the Whiteness & Weisdale Hall on the evening of Friday 10th December of the Sunday afternoon of the 12th December in the Lerwick Legion Salfishforty fae Orkney (featuring Brian and Douglas fae The Chair) will be appearing. As will one of the finest multi-instrumentalists on the folk scene, Tim Edey with Brendan Begley fae Ireland and Shetland's very own Kevin Henderson. A brilliant trio! As if that wasn't enough, we're showcasing two brilliant local acts as part of the concert - fresh from performing at the Scots Trad Music Awards will be Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag and in addition to them, the ever popular Ryan Couper and Adam Johnson. These concerts have spree written all over them We thought that a mini folk festival weekend was just what December was needing!
  11. Noo den folk Just in case you hadn't heard, the Folk Festival has been shortlisted as Event of the Year in this years Scots Trad Music Awards. If you haven't already, we'd hugely appreciate it if you could vote for us http://www.handsupfortrad.co.uk/tradmusicawards/voting2010.html You'll maybe recognise a few other names in other categories such as Breabach, Findlay Napier (fae Back of the Moon), Anna Massie, Martin O'Neill (played with Stevie Wonder during this summers tour) and Matheu Watson. And of course, Phil and Aly in live act of the year!! The weekend after the Trad Awards in Perth, we're going to have a mini Folk Festival weekend in the run up to Christmas featuring some favourite acts and musicians from previous Festivals (one local act and two visiting acts). I'll be announcing the details next week but just to let you know that there is a concert being planned on Friday 10th December in the Whiteness and Weisdale Hall featuring the three acts and the same concert in the Legion on Sunday AFTERNOON/early evening. The Sunday afternoon gig will start at 4pm and finish about 8ish (so no excuses for working the next day.....you can have your Sunday lunch and then head the legion for a relaxing few hours of good quality folk music .....mind you, with the bands we've got booked it'll be far from relaxing YEEE HAAAA - don't you just love the run up to Christmas and all the sprees. Cheers fur noo Mhari
  12. Wow the power of facebook and other social networking sites (and the Shetland Times online site for putting the news out there in the first place). I think even the promoter must be surprised at how fast these tickets went. It was a very last minute decision to add Shetland to the tour (like Wednesday) and they were going to place an advert in next weeks paper!! I guess this won't be needed now unless some other tickets are made available...... I hear the staff in Islesburgh put in a fairly hectic day on Friday so well done to them.
  13. Noo Den Just to let you know that the Festival Box Office is open at 5 Burns Lane from this Thursday (15th) April for face to face sales for the tickets that are remaining and for memberships. Opening Times are as follows Thursday 15th - 6pm to 8pm Saturday 17th - 12noon to 3pm Thursday 22nd - 6pm - 8pm Saturday 24th - 12noon to 3pm You can also still fill in and return the booking form that is available on our website (which is updated as concerts sell out) If you're looking to purchase Inter-Tunety tickets (The Chair v Fullsceilidh Spelemannslag) I'd STRONGLY recommend that you get your skates on this week. You have been warned. All the other concerts with remaining ticket availability are selling extremely well too. These are Thursday Clickimin, North Roe, Aith, Brae, Symbister, Sat Legion, Singing Concert and all three Islesburghs (open for Festival members only). Sat Legion and Brae have both sold more than 75% of their capacity. Cheers eenoo Mhari
  14. Hello all, Just to let you know that ticket booking is open to general sales as from today. Membership sales have also re-opened. The combined ticket booking/membership form is being distributed in the Shetland Times but please note that the most up to date version is available on our website. i.e. the form in the paper was printed weeks ago and therefore does not highlight that 7 concerts are completely sold out on the basis of advance members ticket requests. The following are completely SOLD OUT Thursday Bigton Thursday Scalloway Thursday Legion Friday Whiteness and Weisdale Saturday CLICKIMIN Shetland Hotel Foy Legion Foy As of yesterday, there were literally only a handful of tickets for the Clickimin Foy - to the extent that I may as well say it is already sold out! I think the press release that went out on Wednesday gave some advance members who had forgotten to return their form a good reminder and so quite a few of the already limited availability Clickimin Foy tickets would have gone yesterday. The Folk Festival Committee wish to apologise in advance for anybody who is unable to get a ticket for a concert in their local hall or for their first preference concert choices. As always, demand for our concerts is extremely high - especially the Foys. However, there are brilliant concerts the length and breadth of Shetland with remaining ticket availability. Details can be found at this link: http://www.shetlandfolkfestival.com/concerts.php But be quick in returning your forms - either by Fax or to Burns Lane. Forms are processed on a first come first serve basis. Cheers fur noo Mhari
  15. Just in case you haven't heard already, we've managed to arrange a second show for the Singing Kettle - a day before the Clickimin one on the 29th which sold out in 90 minutes. The new show will be held at the Garrison Theatre, Wednesday 28th April, 5pm (doors 4.30) Tickets for the second showing by the Singing Kettle are priced at £10 for all and will go on sale between 10am and 12noon on Saturday 13th March, at the Shetland Folk Festival Offices at 5 Burns Lane, Lerwick or via the ticket line 01595 69 63 49 during those hours Both shows will be titled “The Singing Kettle’s Silly Songs†and audience members are being encouraged to wear something in their favourite colour. Bursting with superb singalong songs like “Shove Yer Grannyâ€, “Music Man and Womanâ€, “Apples and Bananas†along with loads of audience participation, ticket holders can expect a fun-filled, action packed experience. A surprise visit from “Little Bunny Fou Fou†is expected and some lucky children may even end up on stage to join in on the excitement. Cheers eenoo Mhari (P.S Why is the Little Bunny Fou Fou song so ANNOYING!! I can't get it out of my head)
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