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  1. First thing Scorrie I drive at a steady 60mph I believe that is the speed limit unless I'm stuck behind someone going slowly if I can I overtake if safe to do so .As for taking a bus the times I travel to work there are no buses so I have to drive I don't have any option.
  2. Sorry to say that's not the case I don't care how long it takes to get to town the time off day I travel might have something to do with it very early and very late going to and from work when the roads are busy . The sub-contractors are the worst offenders yes some of the locals are bad too but when they have a company name down the side of the pick up they are easy to spot .You say I'm hacked off at being stuck behind them yet you say you find it tedious when you get stuck behind them and can't get past .
  3. Over the last few months I have witnessed some appalling driving on the roads in Shetland the worst offenders seem to be from the new Gas plant either Petrofac or Morrison Construction pick ups .I don't know how they have been allowed out on the roads they don't know how to dip head lights or signal and they insist on driving so close behind you that you can't see the headlights in your wing mirrors trying to bully you out of the way .They also seem happy to overtake in crazy places on corners in to on coming traffic pulling in so close to you that you have to brake to let them in before they crash in to the oncoming traffic .I have tried to get the numbers of the offenders but have not managed yet the main reason being they don't hang about they speed of at well over the speed limit. The second type of Bad Drivers are local Taxi drivers they seem to think they own the roads bullying you to get past for example the other day in the town .I was driving along following a car when it suddenly braked and indicated to turn left so I had to brake so as not to run in to it the taxi following me the flashed his lights blew his horn and shook his fist at me for stopping suddenly maybe if he had not been so close to me he might have seen the car in front .I have also seen them driving well over the speed limit when you are doing 60mph and they fly past and disappear in to the distance it's a rare day you see a Police car on the roads it's just a matter of time until some poor sod is killed on the roads .I have just invested in a small dash camera for my own peace of mind you can pick one up online for as little as £12 not much but it could save a lot of arguing about who's in the wrong if some halfwit crashes in to you .
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