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  1. Number wanted for Lucas the scrappy man?
  2. J&K Anderson @ Brugarth, Whiteness will do it as will J&K Mainlands Butchres in Lerwick
  3. What are your views and comments this year??
  4. I got my bridder a suit aff da peg fae slaters menswear, 10 bon accord st. Dey wir extremely helpful..........an he's a muckle boy!
  5. You live and learn.........perhaps you could have found a die hard, they would have advised you best!!
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yes......It's well known that you get dressed up for Up Helly Aa - However not everyone does, and yes Sound School is a barless venue....''School'' gives it away!
  7. E reg Ford escort 1.6 when I was 17 - she was gold!!!!!
  8. yes - it takes about 30-45 minutes to get into the centre of aberdeen via car.
  9. bayhaa


    I hiv sum baby beets left - selt aa da big eens tae scoop!!!! - depends how much u need?
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That put several smiles on my face in a very short space of time!
  11. Well done you Malcolm - What an achievement!!!! You have every right to be extremely chuffed!! Any tips??
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