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  1. Nae offence muppet but at this time of year .....you know it might just be a little difficult......what makes your fairy lights so special and distinguishable
  2. Weel Muppet i'd easy cum tae dy hoose
  3. Noo seriously folks im coming hame fir da new yr ......where da party?
  4. Seems things are a little quiet on here, that will change soon....
  5. As i eagrely await my arrival to the isle for hogmany, i doot i willna' be hedin tae the NS ....sorry all.......but i have class!
  6. You are some lad cominoot, but how will I know you?, Will you wear your pink cowboy boots, to the Local dance so I can lead you to the merry dancers..... that'll be F****** right!........try a black long leather jacket
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