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  1. Nae offence muppet but at this time of year .....you know it might just be a little difficult......what makes your fairy lights so special and distinguishable
  2. Weel Muppet i'd easy cum tae dy hoose
  3. Noo seriously folks im coming hame fir da new yr ......where da party?
  4. Seems things are a little quiet on here, that will change soon....
  5. As i eagrely await my arrival to the isle for hogmany, i doot i willna' be hedin tae the NS ....sorry all.......but i have class!
  6. You are some lad cominoot, but how will I know you?, Will you wear your pink cowboy boots, to the Local dance so I can lead you to the merry dancers..... that'll be F****** right!........try a black long leather jacket
  7. i love fairy cakes ...but i like a good bannock as weel....however falling in tow wae perrie-lipper might lead us all onto the merry dancers
  8. i comin in tae lerrick........however i would quite like to visit one of roxy71's random parties.
  9. I will be in shetland this christmas/newyear.....any good gay venues?
  10. Ginga people tend to be pretty cool people ....but unfortunately do nought for me
  11. Poppy.......i have folk queing at my door when i make bread .....i love cooking ...and am especially good at making all types of bread..
  12. Are you u been blessed or depressed! For years scientists have been examining/DNA genetic sequences to understand the mystery of ginger people.
  13. Question to all of you nice boys on this page, with your remarkable contributions to Shetlink Gaydar...are you all still in the closet yourselves, or does your wife’s/girlfriends have you by your balls. Please don’t be afraid to reply...you can’t be identified so no one will ever find out...
  14. For your information, we don't all go to the marlex, much more challenging in a hetro pub..oooh
  15. I'm sure you would know all about mounting lumpsucker...like the name by the way..x
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