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  1. theres nothing more annoying than sitting in a room with non smokers, get a life
  2. i get heartburn all the time, the best remedy ive discovered is HOT SAUCE see thread
  3. im very messy i get my hot sauce everywhere!!!!!!!
  4. ITs very easy mate....dont look at this thread if u aint interested, may i ask why u are observing this thread if u are so touchy!!!!!! :tmbup;
  5. I have interest in anthropology, biomedical science and a major in psychology, and further teaching can be arranged.
  6. I hear the best night classes are in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, but am looking for a Harder subject than WHATS ON OFFER HERE.
  7. As the Shetlink Gaydar forum is having so many views, I thought you might be interested to know where I go on holiday. Gran Canaria- is having gay pride on the 8-13 May 2006, I will be there with a few of my fag hags..is anyone on here going?
  8. If anyone else want's a good education, I don't bite, but i will if your man enough.
  9. Sounds like the term Bisexual mate, nothing like getting an education from a 100% Gay man.
  10. And all the best to all you Guests!
  11. Oh yeh!.....can u see it a bunch of shetland fairies mincing it up commercial street, small children throwing rose petals lol
  12. Even if the Marlex is Gay night on tuesdays.......dont think ill be heading there. regarding where tro get ur very own GAYDAR. Gaydar is like a same sex sexual sixth sense...........without the aid of a wink!....u know who u are!
  13. The Marlix ....surly not ........I think thats a joke.
  14. Now that the consenting age is cleared up anything else folks! lol
  15. noo dats sometin dat me fither wid say.....made my night
  16. At a second glance i did realise.....too defensive too early
  17. my point exactly ......my gaydar doesnt work in shetland.......
  18. thankyou for the hitorical citations, thankfully i am completely at ease about my sexuality most of the hypocrites tend to be ignorant ....or scared
  19. very interesting point should u add
  20. Shetland doesnt exactly sell itself, compared to Okney. Orkney at least has a logo as well as a very well presented advertising, promoting its historical hot points. I recently went to jarlhoff for the first time (bit late) but comparing it to Skara Brae it was disappointing. If local businesses invested a little time and money backing historic scotland we might see a change
  21. I agree with roxy 71...all dogs should be on leads...except when parks permit the freedom and your pedigree is well trainer(as is mine).
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