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  1. 24 sounds good to me...come on boys let get talking
  2. Thankyou very much for your reply, I am 100% Gay Man, its good to see that am not alone and that others want to speak out....just a pity that others werent as up front.
  3. Having a small number of people grouped together on such a small island, leaves people vulnerable. There is alot of intolerance in Shetland, we collectively should be more accepting of change and move with the times.......
  4. Stress!....well i can tell you all about stress.......when i first com oot, i felt like the lepar in lerwick, its very stressful worrying what your friends might think about you but most of all the arrogance of some shetlanders who like to demonstrate how tough they are but i know some of thems probably holding a secret themselves.... and you know who you are.
  5. "Am I the only one in the village?" With the traditional emphasis of man-hood...growing up in shetland was a bit isolating knowing i was different, turd at fitba, but good at cooking. My first experience was in Scalloway and ive never looked back since... Thankful to shetlink as i can now hopefully communicate with other villagers, with no bias.
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