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  1. The public health department at NHS Shetland organise group walks you could contact them for details of events they hold in different areas. http://www.healthyshetland.com/health-topics/exercise/walking
  2. Congratulations to Whalsay on retaining the Parish Cup and winning for the third straight year in a row after a competitive game with Delting.
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    Including those who did not vote to suggest a decision or party does not have the majority is flawed. Their views are not declared so cannot assume they support in this instance remain or leave. Also as not declared assuming these individuals view would have split similar to those that voted also has no basis to support that view. Straight forward if you do not vote you end up with what those who voted decided and normally only have 5 years to suffer the consequences. The results of this vote are slightly longer lasting. The missing million votes is solely in Scotland as the turnout was d
  4. Who Knows


    Fundamentally flawed to assume those that did not vote are a homganeous group and you really know what they want. In terms of the U.K. 28% of the population did not vote so if you wish to include them in the total then roughly only 37% of eligible voters actually voted to leave the EU. On that basis less than 50% of eligible voters voted in favour of leaving the EU so where is that democratic mandate? The reality is if you did not vote you have to accept the out-turn based upon those who choose to vote to record their view. Those with a long enough memory back in 1979 there was a claus
  5. Governments of all persuasions at both Westminister and Holyrood are probably guilty of not considering any of the Isles at the formation of their core policies. For example when the police service call centres were originally moved to Inverness was when they potentially lost the local knowledge. The same training those in Inverness were given are transferreble to elsewhere on the mainland. All Governments are guilty to varying degrees of the accusation that they centralise too much. Locally SIC are often receive criticism for being too Lerwick centric. WS if they want to win the debate
  6. I presume Wir Shetland would not want SIC to transfer the responsibility for the inter island ferries to the Scottish Government? Currently SIC receive around £6 million directly from the Scottish Government to run the inter island ferry service. The ferries in the Western Isles are directly run by SG arms length company Calmac. I believe WS favour a referendum on whether their should be fixed links or replacement ferries which if it is would be a positive step in the community deciding on a major investment project in the local infrastructure. There is also a sizeable subsidy built in to
  7. I think I am clear what you want whalsa but googling to find a website rather than a Facebook site I found Wir Shetland website https://wirshetland.org/wp/ Now that appears to be slightly different wanting British Overseas Terrority status. The website lack details and policies about WS vision is for an independent Shetland. I presume all the details will be published by the Spring of 2017 so that the vision and detail of that can be vigorously debated and discussed prior to the SIC elections? For the avoidance of doubt I am not anti WS I want to understand the "why, what and how" of
  8. Rewriting history to support an argument that is weak does no-one any favours. Scotland got its independence referendum because the SNP won the 2011 Holyrood election with an overall majority. Westminister recognised the democratic mandate given to the SNP and agreed via the Edinburgh agreement to the terms of that referendum. The predesent has this been established at Westminister and if the SNP are reelected to Govern Scotland they would have to recognise the mandate given to the duly elected MSP for Shetland. There is no evidence only supposition to the statement that a WS MSP will not
  9. with due respect I disagree about Wir Shetland not standing a candidate at these election. Firstly to get a referendum you need to prove there is a democratic mandate in Shetland wishing greater autonomy. The only way to do this is through the ballot box. If you believe the hype the re-election of the SNP at holyrood is inevitable, therefore making this election about what is best for Shetland future was an open door. I believe from the media WS have over 400 members so knocking doors and talking to their neighbours about WS message should not be a problem. That costs WS absolutely nothi
  10. Wir Shetland to achieve its aims will need to gain electoral support from the people of Shetland to evidence a clear and democratic mandate to speak for the people of Shetland. If Wir Shetland are a serious movement they are going to have get their hands "dirty" and stand in elections as a political party with the aim to furtherance Shetland's best interest with the ultimate aim of creating an independent country. As much as some comments emanating from WS is SNP bad the reality is both organisations actually have the same principles at heart. One for Scotland as the country requiring more
  11. Yes, the United Nations recognises the right of people to claim the right for self determination when this is the clearly expressed free will of the people. http://www.un.org/en/decolonization/declaration.shtml Democratic referendum following an open transparent discussion would be the best way to clearly state that claim of right. Currently unclear how Wir Shetland aim to prove there is a significant democratic support to hold such a referendum. The current election would have given Wir Shetland a platform to inform the Shetland electorate of what was being proposed and the opertunity d
  12. No. However if you want to be constructive try filling in the Health Board Survey that is running to 30 August 2015. The results will be publically available on 14 September on the Board's website. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PrimaryCareinShetland
  13. Congratulations to Whalsay in retaining the Parish Cup following a hard thought win over Burra this evening. The final score was Whalsay 2 Burra 1 following extra time. Full time score was 1-1 and there was a missed penalty by Whalsay in the second half after Burra had scored in the second half to bring the teams back level.
  14. The normal protocol is that conversations between foreign diplomats and any part of the Government in the UK or the opposition leaders is that it remains strictly private and confidential. The only normal exception is if they make a joint press release. Our MP excuse for a serious breach with tradition was that the content of the memo was in the public interest. Now if that is the case how can you determine it is in the public interest if you have not read it. It is a significant break of protocol to release the memo on the alleged conversation so authorising this without reading it to
  15. The Guardian in the link below reported that "Carmichael authorised his special adviser to release the memo" http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2015/may/22/lib-dem-alistair-carmichael-admits-responsibility-anti-sturgeon-leak-mp-snp-leader-david-cameron If the argument for the release was because it was in the public interest people should know the content of the memo how can you come to that conclusion without having read and undestood what was so important about the content that normal practice of conversations with foreign amdassorers remaining private should be breached?
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