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  1. Laekly ower weel buying drink ida toon eftir 5pm if you bide daer. A'm no gyaan tae neck drams at 10 ida moarnin', bit a'm sure as hell no maakin fir da toon at da back o' tae-time idder.
  2. The roundabout at the foot of Knab Rd is far superior and a cakewalk by comparison for buses and HGVs.
  3. Sadly, this is the current state of affairs in Shetland and the above figures don't even take into account employees lying at home on sick pay with the local authority, or those who are prone to "duvet days" which also comes out of the public purse.
  4. I also listened to Radio Shetland yesterday evening. The school will be open two days a week and complemented with home tuition. Seems a fair compromise to me.
  5. Let me make this a little clearer for you shall I. I didn't have a choice. The ramifications of this lack of choice means I am unlikely to get on the housing ladder as any extra income is spent running and maintaining a car. I don't have a reliable bus service. Renting privately in Lerwick would also leave me in a similar financial situation. Tell me, how am I to get ahead if I want to get on the housing ladder and provide for a future family? As far as I'm concerned the street lights are the least of my worries and they could all be switched off tomorrow.
  6. I rather suspect I'm not the only country dweller that didn't have a choice.
  7. Would it not have made more sense to have had the schools going back on the Monday, rather than the Tuesday, after the holiday and to have carried the Monday over to the Easter weekend? It seems that the rest of Europe have Easter Monday as a school holiday, why not Shetland?
  8. Haud da whole lock gyaan ower da banks, bowels, kebabs, votin slips an' aa! http://www.shetnews.co.uk/news/8379-future-of-free-bin-bags-in-doubt
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