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  1. Does anyone know what the story is with the recent installation of roadside poles with solar panels is? The roads appear to have been cut in a grid pattern too.
  2. I think it's just the BBC channels that are available, it's a pity more isn't available as I'd like something different to listen to in the car. http://www.ukdigitalradio.com/coverage/postcodesearch/
  3. I think it's still the same owner, an elderly man. There used to be 2 men that ran it, keeping it open 24 hours a day. Just the 1 now which would explain the haphazard hours.
  4. Don't think you can get Classic FM. The only DAB stations I have seen in Lerwick are Radios 1 - 6, worldservice and asian network. The other option is internet radio giving you thousands of channels, but no Radio Shetland!
  5. Thanks Paul, I'll join the club. I am already a member of NCMD and would encourage others to join too. I have checked the burnt mound is not a scheduled monument.
  6. I'll maybe take you up on that Frances, I see there was a WW2 camp there too. Always a chance of a nice button or badge from a military camp.
  7. Having found SMDCHS and this thread when looking for info about Romans in Shetland I would be interested in joining the club. I notice there is no fee mentioned, would I be right in thinking you are still to set up a committee and would then sort out fees etc.?
  8. Here's another, not as bad as the black pickup but still close to corner by the time he pulls in.
  9. You'd need something reasonably powerful, a small car will struggle.cars have weight ratings as to what they can tow. What do you have?
  10. The sheltie is 18 ft but is reasonably manageable single handed. Some slips are easier than others for a one man launch.
  11. Yes the petrofac guys are bad but so are many of the locals. Several mornings lately I have been overtaken by a boy racer who has proceeded to overtake the cars in front of me into the face of oncoming cars or around blind bends or crests of hills, not long before he kills someone!
  12. Taken on 21 April Royal Navy Westland Lynx by GordonW73, on Flickr
  13. Ok it's a while since I posted or used Flickr, how do I put pic from Flickr on here now?
  14. During my searches on this law, all I could find was that the motor trade couldn't have 2 cars parked within a certain distance on a stretch of road. Couldn't see anything stopping Joe Blogs putting a car for sale on a public road, but perhaps just didn't find the correct article.
  15. J M Johansen coming through Lerwick Harbour at lunchtime http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5534/10555473275_3b9cb71e32.jpgIMG_2875 by GordonW73, on Flickr
  16. It was nice to see the Porsche even if it was only in passing, not been a 928 here for a few years!
  17. Definately not fine in Lerwick, just along from onion st! Lose connection every few minutes!
  18. Thought the problem with the fibre optic cable had been fixed! My internet was fine until it was supposedly fixed now it is very slow and connection keeps dropping http://www.speedtest.net/result/2947543900.png
  19. Missed that one but saw this one PH-EQU http://i290.photobucket.com/albums/ll278/Gorwad/IMG_1892_3_4.jpg
  20. On the 14th of Dec 1956, Fisher Lassie LK 472 broke-free of her moorings during a severe southerly storm and drove ashore at the Burn Beach. Striking the breakwater with her stem where she sank and was deemed a total loss. Her old partner, Mizpah LK 209 drove ashore during this very same storm also. Some years later they were broken-up by Willie Leask. Fisher Lassie's large, heavy keel remained visible for many years before finally being removed. It is said the rudder from the Mizpah remains embeded in the sand out from the Tee pier. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3183392482814&set=o.101341990017580&type=3
  21. Just googled the registration and discovered this one is a restaurant at Airbase, a working museum at Coventry.
  22. No, it's Breatheinternet, they insist there is no problem. Doing a ping test we get a packet loss.
  23. We have no internet at work since this happened, I telephoned ISP and a local BT engineer, the ISP said there was no problem and the BT engineer said the traffic had been rerouted and it should be working so contact ISP again. Still waiting for ISP to carry out more checks and call back!
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