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    trooter got a reaction from Davie P in Recent Roadside Installations   
    Does anyone know what the story is with the recent installation of roadside poles with solar panels is? The roads appear to have been cut in a grid pattern too.
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    trooter reacted to Windwalker in Poll - 2019 Shetland MSP by-election   
    I see lots of new SNP posters stuck to lampposts around us over the weekend, they must have had a second delivery. Now if the chap who complained that the queens picture in the Irish parliament offended him was awarded a lump of cash, I wonder if I could get the same as these SNP posters on all the lampposts offend me.
    Perhaps they could have put a proportion of the money they’ve thrown at this by-election towards keeping the Sandwick nursery, now that would have been money well spent.
    A vote for the SNP is a vote for independence, and if you think Brexit has been a disaster, just wait for the years of upheaval that would follow should the SNP win a future independence vote. I will never understand a party who fights so hard for independence from the uk, yet so desperately wants to be ruled by the conditions of the EU.
    I can however understand why they are keeping stumm about independence during this election, you don’t see any mention of their top priority wish on any of their posters or leaflets, wonder why.
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    trooter reacted to Colin in Driving in Shetland   
    Nearly got "creamed" by some silly old biddy at the Market Cross this morning at 12pm.  No intention of cutting pedestrians any slack.  Just drove right through.. 
    Vehicles should be banned from the street during the day.
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    trooter reacted to Frances144 in 2017 - MyShetland   

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    trooter reacted to DetectorMan in Shetland Metal Detecting Club & Historical Society   
    Thanks for your interest trooter. If you'd like to become a member you can apply via the website at: www.smdchs.co.uk/join

    There are no fees to join the SMDCHS, but I would encourage all our SMDCHS members to join the National Council for Metal Detecting in April (start of their year for subs). As a NCMD Member you’ll also benefit from having £10,000,000 of Public Liability Insurance Cover. http://www.ncmd.co.uk/membership.htm
    BTW, it was nice of Frances144 to grant permission to detect of her land, but be VERY careful the mound mentioned is not listed on the Canmore website - could result in a £10,000 fine & a prison sentence!!
    Webmaster & Sec
    'Shetland Metal Detecting Club & Historical Society' (SMDCHS)
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    trooter reacted to Frances144 in Shetland Metal Detecting Club & Historical Society   
    Yes, please do. I also have an old croft that has a derelict schoolhouse on it, and another croft you could try.
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    trooter reacted to Frances144 in Shetland Metal Detecting Club & Historical Society   
    You are all very welcome at my place.  Just give me a shout - on the westside. 

    (I have a burned mound or two and no, it is not a euphemism!)
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    trooter got a reaction from BigMouth in Driving in Shetland   
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    trooter reacted to Ghostrider in Driving in Shetland   
    Don't forget the "one gear, one throttle position" crowd either.
    On the flat they're cruising nicely in top making the higher 50's, and that's fine. But instead of gunning it a little more as they come in to a climb, or knocking back a gear as soon as they lose revs climbing, that gear stick and right boot stays exactly where they were, and their speed drops off to 50, then under 50, then further, until they finally crawl out the top maybe barely more than 40 and probably with tappets rattling like a tin bucket of bolts, or, they don't quite make it and have to dip the clutch to prevent stalling, and have to do a standing start in first to get going again.
    Hard work every rise to be stuck behind, and difficult to take unless with luck and a sizeable chunk of empty road, unless you gun it to something bordering on silly a good chunk over the limit.
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    trooter reacted to mike5 in lochside motor mile ban   
    I wonder if there is a precedence of this having been used in court in the context in which we are applying it.
    If a private individual has a for sale notice displayed in a single vehicle which is road taxed, insured, with MOT and is parked legally I do not see that this falls foul of this legislation. This is intended to apply to someone carrying on an unlicenced business (the clue is in the words street trading) and in my opinion any attempt to prosecute someone selling a single privately owned car would be thrown out by the judge.
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    trooter reacted to Equality Street in lochside motor mile ban   
    I thought the 'car-mile' thing was an excellent example of how a community can independently decided on a simple and effective way of trading vehicles. It  evolved organically over about  20 years and for no commercial gain.   All the bluster and pedantic legalese that's being spouted by some smacks of bandwagon jumping and a seemingly  perverse enjoyment of seeing petty bureaucracy triumph over the common man.
    I'm on the look out for a new car myself, but will probably just go doon sooth like everyone else. Who knows though, if their were some sort of public area where all the cars for sale locally could be quickly looked at perhaps a bargain might have caught my eye. Shame. 
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    trooter reacted to owre-weel in lochside motor mile ban   
    It was bound to happen as there are all these lovely parking spaces standing empty most of the time.
    The council must be so pleased with themselves, pity they couldn't do something about the parking in the town centre though. Oh wait, that would be a positive thing, something they struggle with.
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    trooter got a reaction from stilldellin in Whit'na boat wis yun...?   
    J M Johansen coming through Lerwick Harbour at lunchtime
    http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5534/10555473275_3b9cb71e32.jpgIMG_2875 by GordonW73, on Flickr
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    trooter got a reaction from Heimdal in Whit'na boat wis yun...?   
    J M Johansen coming through Lerwick Harbour at lunchtime
    http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5534/10555473275_3b9cb71e32.jpgIMG_2875 by GordonW73, on Flickr
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    trooter reacted to redrobbie in Priorities For Policing In Shetland   
    It would be a fine thing if the local  poaching fraternity was given a bit of scrutiny. 
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    trooter reacted to misty25 in Recent Upgrade And Data Migration Issues   
    I likey!!
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