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  1. Yes, it's perfectly possible to commute from Yell to Brae. If you know which ferry you need to be on, it's a good idea to book if it's peak time. Travel delays are possible anywhere you live, and although it's frustrating when the ferries are off, it's not really any worse than commuting on mainland UK, with motorway delays, traffic jams, trains cancelled etc.
  2. It's only a short hop on the ferry to Shetland mainland from Yell, very do-able (people do commute from Yell to Lerwick, Brae etc for work), so it just depends on what you want to do on mainland and how often, whether it might work for you. Definitely visit with an open mind - Shetland doesn't suit everyone, but it does suit a lot of people very well. As with any move to a new area, you may love it and settle forever, or it may be temporary and you may choose to move on after a while. We're in the process of organising moving there ourselves after spending a number of years regularly visiting the islands - happy to share experience so far if you like.
  3. Lovely to see that a couple of the category winners of the British Wildlife Photography Awards were taken in Shetland http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-29011793
  4. This link might help - the only one on the list we've had do any work for us is Graham Keith (heating, rather than gas admittedly), and were very happy with his work. If he can't help you, I'm sure he'll know who can. http://www.yell.com/s/plumbers+heating+services+domestic+gas+installers+gas+engineers-shetland+islands.html
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to buy Shetland native willow for planting, and if so, where is the best place to get it? Thanks!
  6. Is the bus at Toft permanently closed, or just not open yet for the summer?
  7. Thanks everyone, it's really helpful information - some of which I expected (that it can still be still variable depending on location). It's very reassuring to hear that there's been no major outage in the last few months too after the upgrade. Even recently people have told me about "being cut off for two weeks" which fortunately sounds like a historical problem now, and should be solved, or at least much rarer, now. The local schemes are a great idea and reassuring to see, alhough a huge shame the big companies involved have no plans to be properly inclusive (yet?). Thanks again, more info for the "moving house" folder
  8. I've read all sorts about broadband and reliability, and wondered what peoples' opinions are please? I've read really conflicting opinions on how good it is in Shetland, and know things can change, so info from several months ago may (or may not!) be out of date. I'm planning to bring a small internet-based business to Shetland when we move. I would need daily internet access from my home, and the ability to send and receive large documents when needed. I don't have fast internet where I live now, so am not necessarily after super-high speed, but would find it difficult if it were deperately slow or unreliable. We have not yet decided which part of Shetland to move to, so this may affect our decision. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks everyone, especially the offers to answer questions and private messages with advice, which is very kind of you all. So far, I've spoken to some incomers who stayed and are very happy, and also some who decided not to stay, plus of couse people who have lived in Shetland all their lives. Every bit of info helps, and I'm sure I will have lots of questions as we make our plans.
  10. Thanks for the welcome! I don't know a single forum that accurately represents the place/interest it covers - even clubs where you know most of the people in real life seem to get a different personality online LOL But I look forward to joining in, and it's good to have the chance to keep up with Shetland issues in a more interactive way until it's time for us to plan our next trip.
  11. I hope this is in the right place, but I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself to the forum as I'm hoping to move to Shetland, and I thought it would be good to chat and keep up to date. I look forward to getting to know you all, and making some new friends in advance
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