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  1. ^^^^^^ If dey moored all tree o dem end fur end across Bressa Soond dan dey wid hae dir Bressa Brig
  2. Na du's wrang dere - I'm seen him du dat in da Toon Haa whin he wis wirryin Wills.
  3. I wid sign a petition tae get da money back fae Sandy and Morgan dat dey wasted in dir time at da helm – a damn sight mair dan £40 million
  4. Na - I doot hit wis da bedroom fish dat Sheridan wis wint wi.
  5. Da hidmost fish supper I hed fae dere I doot hit wis red diesel he wis fried in - even da maa widna preeve him
  6. The last time I was in da Thule my shoes stuck tae da floor. I wid tink it's a lot better noo! Na - muckle da sam, dy shoes ir still dere
  7. Watchin da funeral on TV just ta see if hit's white or black smok dat comes oot o da lum whin dey shove her inatae da oven.
  8. invites only? dey lekly widna want ony plebs dere wi sharny buits or snurts on dir sleeves
  9. Certainly not. The two mispronunciations which bug me are Walls rather than Waas, and Aith rather than Eid. Both are of course understandable given the crazy OS spellings. Da warst offender is Radio Shetland News, even da Shetlan spekers say Walls and Aith.
  10. Du da Scousburgh folk hae a Scous twang?
  11. Wis supposed ta be a Foula man climbed it - canna mind wha telt me dat.
  12. groilick


    The water bottling idea became a non starter when the SIC moved from water coolers to water filters in its offices, removoing a huge chunk of the possible market. COPE still uses the building at Weisdale for other purposes. Whit da hell did dey need water coolers and water filters fur? surely dey wid hae da wit tae fill a gless wi da best o da Saandy Loch fae a tap. Nae bloody winder da Cooncil hase nae money left.
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