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  1. Had a not very nice trip to the Dentist with my eldest a few weeks back. He'd been put off by a crappy dentist South so it was never going to be easy. Didn't rate the one here much, with al ldue respect he couldn't actually tell what I was saying and kept asking his nurse! He injected my boy and didn't give it more than a couple of minutes to go numb...have things changed in the last few years? I remember waiting a good 10 mins and the side of my face apparantly dissapearing. Anyhow, he proceeded to drill and my son stopped in because he was in pain. After the 3rd 'stop' the dentist gave up and has reffered him to a dentist who specialises in nervous cases (or at least may take the time to help) Still waiting for the appointment, it's not nice watching your children going through that and I was hard pushed to keep my mouth shut. We're careful over the amount of sweets/sugary items we give the children as well but sometimes it seems to make no difference, perhaps they inherited bad teeth from their Dad! Justin
  2. My good lady wife is looking to go back to work now our youngest is at school 1/2 days....not long 'till full days! Can anyone advise on where she might find suitable work that fits around school hours/holidays? I know it's a difficult ask, schools themselves perhaps the best bet but I know some employers in Shetland are prepared to work with their staff. Appreciate any advice/guidance anyone can give. Thanks, Justin
  3. Spoke to a lady South last week who, after asking where Shetland was went on to ask if she'd need a Visa to visit! I can understand how some folk wouldn't know where Shetland is exactly but to ask that and knowing that it's "still part of the UK you know"! That said, cost of getting to and from Shetland.....a Visa CARD is a must! Justin
  4. I couldn't get the Sky internet/tv package at the rates they were offering, the broadband was pretty much the same price as everywhere else. I opted for PlusNet and get 20Gb per month but unlimited between midnight - 8am. It seems ok, had a few problems with it dropping out recently but that could be me. Justin
  5. Sounds like you'll need 2 or 3 tank fulls to get the engine to adapt to the higher rated fuel before you'll see a difference. I see Scottish Fuels have bought Leasks forecourt, perhaps they will supply super unleaded, I'm sure we could put a case together for a 'small' supply! Justin
  6. Not sure for this exact laptop but sometimes there's an option in control panel, mouse to disable it. I guess you could temporarily disable the driver in your hardware, maybe this would work? Is there a function key that can be used to disable the touchpad? Quick Google found a suggestion to move the palm check slider to max on another Acer Aspire model, not sure what this is.....? Cheers, Justin
  7. Think you mean re-gassed? Just be careful if you get it done that they check system first and if no problem is found make sure dye is put in for future problem solving. I'm told you shouldn't need to re-gass unless there's a leak for at least 3 years. Not sure which company in Lerwick does the gassing, perhaps other folk can help here? Justin
  8. Had a look into the octane boosters and a few sites claimed that they only increase the RON on super unleaded and have little if any effect on normal unleaded. Anyone running a car that should use a higher RON, impreza etc?
  9. Anyone know if Super Unleaded petrol is available in Shetland? Is there any way to find out who supplies the local garages with fuel, i.e. BP/Shell etc?
  10. Thanks very much, great advice and much appreciated. Nothing to put me off as yet! Just want to be prepared so I will take everyone's comments on baords, thanks to all.
  11. VR665


    If you could get the stuff put onto a pallet you could use JBT in Aberdeen to forward it to Shetland. Personally I'd go with the van option. Not sure where you are moving from but worth looking at hiring the van in Aberdeen to make the return trip easier.
  12. Thank you both very much for your valuable advice, much appreciated. It's something I've promised myself since moving back to Shetland, we started the Navigation classes at school, back in the 80's which gave me a taste. Sailed a little whilst South but I think the motor/fishing combination appeals more nowadays. Thanks again folks, much food for thought.
  13. I'm trying to find as much information as I can regarding owning a small boat in Shetland (motor cruiser/inshore fishing etc.) and wondered if anyone can point me in the right direction please? I've heard there are day skipper courses that can be done as evening classes (Perhaps at the NAFC?) I need to learn about the local waters so any advice I can get would be greatly appreciated. Hoping to berth in East Voe, Scalloway if I can. Thanks in advance!
  14. Some great photo's there. Particularly like the lone sheep, striking sky and Up Helly Aa, you should enter those into competitions, brilliant!
  15. I thought Sheilas Wheels (Halifax or HSBC???) was set up to give women a better rate for insurance? So, if they are now doing home insurance is this just for women? Here you go, just found this..... http://www.ilovesheilas.com/ILS/index.htm
  16. Don't ever confuse Tesco with a company that has morals. They exist to make money and nothing more. Take a look at recent reports as to how they can sell clothing as cheap as they do for a start. Here's a start.... http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/tesco-clothes-made-by-child-workers-in-asia-419561.html Cheap food and clothing comes at a price for somebody somewhere down the line....and yes, they're headed North!
  17. VR665


    Resistance is useless!
  18. VR665


    eBay! Always the last place I think to look and then I realise that there's nothing you can't get on eBay! Long while since I bought LED's....college memories come flooding back!
  19. Made several orders with eBuyer over last few weeks, from monitor to small parts, leads etc. Selected 5 day super saver (free) and it automatically changes to 3 day and charges approx. £6, always arrives on time thanks to City Link.
  20. I use a JVC Everio digital camcorder (records to removable 4Gb microdrive) reproduction is fantastic but suffers a little in low light. You can get the newer versions with 20/30Gb drives built in for around £300. The older stayle camcorders that use MiniDV tapes have fallen in price and a good one can be picked up for little over £100. Reproduction on these is really good for day to day filming and better in low light conditions generally. Only drawback is having to buy tapes and slower to take video onto PC for editing.
  21. Great filming of the puffins, shame about the cliche music used throughout!
  22. Tesco would more than likely stock their higher price goods not the budget lines. This is how they operate the Tesco Local stores on the mainland. The logisitics of stocking a decent size Tesco store in Shetland would be extremely difficult, unless they operate their own shipping line, which they probably would! As already mentioned (more than once!) they will destroy all local business, butchers, bakers, electrical, clothing, even insurance, opticians and so on. If Tesco see a gap in the market they will exploit it with their full power...watch out Goudies..... Whilst goods are often very cheap (even below cost at times) you really do get what you pay for. The range available in Co-Op may be very small but we noticed quite a few items that were considerably cheaper than Tesco. Letting Tesco etc. into Shetland would be a big mistake.....Lidl & Aldi are a waste of space.....IMO. Better option would be to get the existing supermarkets managed/staffed and operated more efficiently. But what do I know? Well I did work for Tesco for a while so I've seen a little bit from the inside. I remember being on the shop floor after 11pm and struggling to find an English speaking member of staff, when you see what they pay their staff and what they expect in return its not surprising local people don't want to work for them....sound familiar?
  23. VR665

    Fly Tying?

    We learned how to do it at Scalloway school back in the 80's, really enjoyed it and actually got quite good at making the flies (for someone with very little creative talent!) Never caught a blooming thing with my own flies though!
  24. TMobile back up to full strength in Scalloway area, customer services called and knocked £20 off my bill....better than nothing I guess. Contract's up in Feb so I guess I'll be heading over to Voda.
  25. Anyone know if the Tmobile network is down in Central Shetland at the moment? Usually works at least half decent but dissapeared completely after the last winds, rumour about a transmitter (?) blowing down on Bressay. Any info beofr I get them to send another sim card?
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