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  1. Pretty terrible in my part of Lerwick... http://www.speedtest.net/result/2947590456.png
  2. I have no idea where you get this figure from. My electric bill is just under £100 a month and I live on my own in a one bedroom flat.
  3. The idea that someone is walking around with the specific intent of looking for dog feces just to spray paint them, is more concerning to me than the actual problem of people not picking up after their dogs. Seriously, what kind of person is that obsessed with this problem?
  4. Been with Plusnet for three years now. Not a single complaint.
  5. Since Saturday I've had pretty much stonking speeds. Getting up to 2.4MB/s on Plusnet here in Lerwick. I moved a few things on my network, changed a router setting and it seemed to do the trick.
  6. Well, I think with 6.9Mb download and 1.09Mb upload, most people will suggest "be thankful and stop whingeing" You say Plusnet only moved you over a few days ago. Have you actually followed their advice of giving the system time to learn to stabilise your line? Trust me, it doesn't feel like 6.9Mbit down due to the fluctuations. I wasn't actually given any advice at all. They just said to me I'd get moved over and that's that. But if it's a case of waiting, then that's fine. I just wanted to see if anyone else was having any problems, that's all
  7. I'm finding the ADSL2+ slower than our old ADSL connections. I got moved over to the 21CN network by Plusnet a few days ago and my connection has some serious problems sustaining any kind of decent speeds. Speedtest (slower than what I used to get, no where near what I should be...) http://www.speedtest.net/result/2449487730.png Steam download chart, just stopping at random. Doesn't matter what time of day I attempt to do this at. http://i.imgur.com/DPPNZxx.png Connection status off my router http://i.imgur.com/wefSevg.png Any ideas? I'm baffled to be honest.
  8. According to Sam Knows... 21CN is now live on the Lerwick exchange. Not sure if that's actually correct mind. But I have been pulling 1MB/s this morning, usually I don't get over 800KB/s.
  9. That doesn't even work any more either. Even low end i3 Ivy Bridge chips are staggeringly more powerful than anything "entry level" that we've ever had before. Oh and yeah, stay the hell away from AMD chips. Single core performance even on their fastest chips is utterly pathetic. It's a real shame, AMD used to be a great cheap alternative before the Core 2 age.
  10. I'm afraid not. No exchange in Shetland has non-BT equipment in. Info for the Sandwick exchange: http://www.samknows.com/broadband/exchange/NSSSH Sky have told you filthy lies!
  11. At this point, if it's not another issue with BT hardware it just appears that they're heavily throttling users at peak times :-/
  12. This is the world trying to tell you something. Trust me.
  13. I've had issues the last couple of weeks with extremely high latency in the evenings... I just tend to try and ignore it. But it means online gaming is out of the picture. Which is nice.
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