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  1. A quick answer to this problem. First safe opportunity - Pull over. Let the clown go and kill him/herself without taking you and your family with them. Plus it'll give you a chance to settle down if you're being harassed by another driver and feeling unsafe. As an aside, folk can post on here all they want complaining about driving standards, it won't make a blind bit of difference to the richard heads out there. Get it off your chests by all means, but take charge of the situations yourselves, folks. Drive defensively. This I do when I can, although not always so easy in the dark if you don't know where a decent pull over place is. I happily do this on the single tracks if someone wants to get by. Is just very frustrating people feel they can use their car as some sort of bullying tool on a public highway. I agree, I expect nothing will make a blind bit of notice to the ' Richard Heads' of this world. I wish I had reported the said van at the primary school at the time to the firm. If it happens again I shall be!
  2. Yes it would be lovely if classes started, I did ballet as a kid, and really enjoyed it. If anyone out there is qualified to do so, it would be great to have said lessons here.
  3. On a recent journey from Walls to Lerwick with a friend, we were tailgated by a small van, I really dont think they could of driven any closer. We clearly had a young child in the back of the car to. The van then overtook us... only to pull into the primary school a very short distance up the road. The said van caught us up beside the golfclub and did the exact same thing to us, to just over take us and then tailgate the lorry in front of us which we were driving a safe distance behind. They were that close they kept pulling into the middle of the road to have a look round the lorry to overtake, despite heavy traffic. Totally idiotic. I generally drive 45/50mph where safe to do so, I dont drive fast, especially at night. I only have a little low powered car which cant steamroll up steep hills and young children on board. I often feel very unsafe when people drive right up my backside. Even if they wish to overtake, is there any need to drive so close putting my family in danger? It seems to be getting worse.. all for what? to arrive in Lerwick 5 mins earlier??! I had a driver a couple of weeks ago driving right up my bumper, I was also stuck myself behind a car but didn't feel the need to drive right up close. The driver behind me eventually over took myself and the other car, flashed his lights at me full beam as he overtook and also blasted his horn. It quite shook me up, so thankyou to whoever that was.. your a moron. I am an experienced driver and prior to Shetland spent alot of miles and hours up and down the motorways south with work and localities. Ive seen far to many pile ups and crunched up cars/lorries where its was pretty obvious nobody walked away from to want to drive recklessly. I wish there was more spot policing on the local roads Really what is the rush??? If your someone who likes to drive up close, have a thought for the driver in front, it actually scares me sometimes to be out on the roads here.. leave a safe distance and overtake when safe to do so. Its not rocket science your car may be better and faster than mine, but sitting on bumper sadly wont make mine go any faster unless your going to push it!
  4. If you find somewhere please update!
  5. Im not sure I can afford to go Private
  6. Oh dear, I was only thinking today I need to get registered with a dentist, and for my child ( We've been in Shetland under a year) looks like we will not have much luck after reading this
  7. Same here! You only live once.. best of luck whatever you decide to do. Life isnt partically easier as such here, infact life takes alot more planning being so rural...and sometimes having limited resources. I cant just 'pop to the corner shop' or pop to tescos for instance! but the pro's out weigh the cons by far on a whole, and a wonderful place for children to grow up.
  8. Perhaps you should not be so quick to jump to conclusions, most spammers on here spam in the first post. I have bought many tyres off people advertising on Shetlink, a good check prior to purchase will show up any signs of concern. Not everyone can afford a new set of tyres. cheers! My post was to try and buy local first ! which I prefer to do. Im well aware part worns are not ideal, but unfortunatley needs must this time round for X4 tyres.
  9. I moved here without viewing but I did have friend recommendations to go by whom were already islanders. Wonderful place to live, and you feel a million miles away from the daily hypocrisy and crap that livng in suburbia throws at you! I live very rural on he island and it does throw up problems for commuting, but it depends what makes things easier for you personally. Me?, I would rather be rural and do the longer commute, its approx 75 mile round trip for me into Lerwick, but there are other areas for employment. It depends what you do I suspose. Theres a good jobs page on shetnews. Good luck in your move if you go for it, I certainly never looked back!
  10. Excuse me? I am not a spammer. I am trying to find some cheap tyres for my car and was recommended to ask on shetlink. Unfortunatley I cannot afford 4 brand new tyres hence the question.
  11. Cheers, incidently Ive found a company south that will deliver part worns for £20 shipping ( for x 4 tyres!) Thought Id try locally first will give your ideas a go. Thanks
  12. Is there a company that sells part worn tyres on Shetland? Cheers
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