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  1. The political placards fixed to lamp posts by the LibDems and the SNP are removed by the party themselves. If they left them up then they too would be charged. I agree that Mr Hill has every right to express himself, but I have always thought there is something a little bit "off" about a middle-class Englishman coming to Shetland to tell us ignorant natives that we have everything wrong politically, and that he knows more about Shetland's history than any of us plebs. Just another know-it-all white settler in my opinion.
  2. Here's a question we were arguing about the other night and one which I am curious to know the answer to - what is the earliest photograph taken in Shetland?
  3. Same level of piss poor service unsurprisingly.
  4. Me too - I'll not bother again, though. Talking about poor journalism - remember the incident on Scalloway on the 8th of this month? Link to Shetland Times Not much happened, you'd think, to go by the "news" stories, whereas in reality (according to people who were actually there), it was lot more dramatic.It looks like all the Shetland News website and the Shetland Times did was paraphrase the official statement.
  5. That's because we expect better from the SNP, but we don't expect anything other than a f*ck-up from Westminster!
  6. Yes, the Archives - good idea! Speaking of the Archives, the Photo Library used to let you view larger versions of the images - not huge, but large enough to see how good the image was. When did that change, and why?? I certainly wouldn't buy a print off the archives without getting a better look at the image first.
  7. I have come into possession of 7 reels of 9.5mm cine film taken during the 1950s in Shetland and would like to have them converted to digital format. Can anyone here recommend a company that carries out these conversions? I know that the Camera Centre offers this service but they just send them on to some company south.
  8. I emailed and asked them and apparently they upgraded their system and the curator wanted rid of the zoom feature which is why it is no longer there.
  9. Don't forget that the defence costs for the Falklands amount to £65 million a year or thereabouts.
  10. The vessel in question doesn't scrap the oil rigs itself. It just removes the superstructure from the legs and transports it to a shore base in one go to be cut up and scrapped. The recent one went to Hartlepool, but I am sure Dales Voe will get the chance at the work if it can put in a competitive bid.
  11. Not had any O2 signal in Scalloway for a couple of days either. Vodafone still down. T-Mobile is working fine, oddly enough.
  12. According to BT Retail, the problem in Scalloway is due to Virtual Path Congestion, which is nothing to do with them as it is a BT Wholesale matter. The speed will never get any better until the exchange receives a VP upgrade and the upgrade won't be triggered until sufficient low speed problems are reported to BT Wholesale via customers complaining to their ISPs. In other words: we're stuffed.
  13. Meanwhile, in Scalloway... http://www.speedtest.net/result/3433221856.png BT commented: "At the moment your current speed is performing within acceptable parameters for your line."
  14. Thanks for the offer. I think it's definitely a BT issue though. I minded to ask the inlaws how their Internet was (they're out at Port Arthur) and they said that theirs had been slow all week as well. I would phone BT and report a fault but I'll not be at home during the day until Thursday.... it could well be back to normal by then!
  15. I've been nipping in the house and running Speedtest every so often. It reached the giddy heights of 2.04Mb but that's as good as it's gotten.
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