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  1. Hi there folks, I was looking to book a local band for a function in between Christmas and New Year. I'm looking for a band that will get people on the dancefloor! Any recommendations? Thanks
  2. Mumford and Sons to play secret show March 12th. http://www.clashmusic.com/news/mumford-sons-mystery-show (*** mod - merged ***)
  3. Hi folks, The late Tommy Fraser (Burra musician) was the subject of an excellent documentary some time last year, I did have this on my sky plus but it has since been deleted by accident. Does anyone know where I could get hold of a copy? thanks
  4. Spurs 1 Delting 0....silverware for the milkbags at last, yee-haaaa!
  5. can't wait for this event, it's going to be monumental!
  6. can anyone confirm the date of this event please?
  7. Not mark sherry, but someone who will ensure it's a night to remember.
  8. 17 years ago John Jamieson and Rab Duffin were the coaches that led a Shetland select team(that I captained) to the Grampain Football festival, and since then i have held him in high regard. A very personable, positive and consructive manager even then. "It's no aboot da first 8, it's aboot da first 12" was the very first signs of a manager introducing the idea of squad rotation! I must add it was a 8-a-side tournament, stick with JJ i say.
  9. This night is going to be monumental! there is a massive surprise in store for everyone as well, and I'm afraid it'd got nothing to do with Bubblerock making a guest appearance........
  10. Just want to say that Jon Carter was fantastic, quality tunes and a good atmosphere. Anyone know what Mr Carter thought of the whole night?
  11. 1.) The Stone Roses - dec 95, aberdeen music hall 2.) Groove armada - dec 2003 Barrowlands 3.) Oasis/black grape - Loch Lomond 96 4.) Ian Brown - Glasgow carling Academy 2004 5.) Verve - Haigh Hall Wigan -97
  12. My all time favourite is Saving Ryans Privates, an absolute classic!
  13. Hello hello folks, Just wondering if anyone is making the journey down for T in the park this year, I haven't heard of much people going from back home, 3 of us going so if anyone wants to meet up get in touch! cheers
  14. Yeh, met Ian Brown several times, good down to earth guy, telling funny stories and stuff.
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