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    Chinahouse reacted to Ally in Lerwick town centre   
    At least the pubs are still world class. Cough.
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    Chinahouse reacted to Property2017 in Lerwick town centre   
    once the chemist goes I can see a eatery or pub in there perfect location.
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    Chinahouse reacted to brian.smith in Supermarkets in Shetland - prices, ethics and experiences   
    They import the natural grain spirit so no they do not distill it on Unst rather they re cook it adding ingredients so yea bit of a con really http://www.ginfoundry.com/interviews/stuart-nickerson-shetland-reel/
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    Chinahouse reacted to shetlandcars in Affordable Housing   
    not if you go straight through same day via yell
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    Chinahouse reacted to Urabug in Lerwick town centre   
    Ghostrider .
    I used to get trouble if I cycled the wrong way along the street .
    They can do anything  dey want noo.
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    Chinahouse reacted to Urabug in Hotel/Guest House/Hostel Reviews - share your experiences   
    Personally, I think it is depressing that Shetland continues to haemorrhage it's wealth to another outside (dis)interest.


    Yes Colin, this seems to be the trend not only in Shetland but within the UK in general, everything being sold off to outsiders with the result of course much of business is now owned and operated from elsewhere.


    "selling off the family silver " and we have folk who think we could be independent. Independent with what!

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    Chinahouse reacted to MuckleJoannie in Shetland windfarm - Viking Energy   
    This seems to be fulfilling the prophecy that once the Viking windfarm came it would open the floodgates for every hill in Shetland to be covered in wind turbines.
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