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  1. I filled in a form a couple of years ago, that housing support gave me, which had to be sent to the tenant's forum. They were supposed to get back to me about a problem that I had - I've never heard a word out of them about it!
  2. Alan Owen's practice wasn't better than any other dentist that I've been to. In fact, I only went because I absolutely had to. That was nearly 20 years ago, and never been to a dentist since. They're all as bad as each other, as far as treatment goes, in my opinion.
  3. So far as I can see, the drugs dog debate should be on a separate thread somewhere. People with immediate concerns about their personal safety may be put off posting on this thread because of the amount of comments that the drugs dogs debate has taken up.
  4. MuckleJoannie, I'd never actually thought of strangling a taxi driver before, even though a some of them can be quite annoying!.... Don't worry PoliceScotlandShetland, I'm still not thinking of it!
  5. I may be wrong, because I was only a child (and maybe not remembering rightly), but wasn't the Shetland Times available on the St. Clair on the way up to Shetland on a Thursday night years ago?...........Or on the way down to Aberdeen?
  6. Also, I'm wondering why taxi drivers don't have to wear seat belts? If there is a road traffic accident, they can become a "human torpedo", just the same as anyone else. It poses a risk to their passengers.
  7. I would also like to see police dealing with adult cyclists who insist on using the pavements. Several times I've been bumped into, and left with a bruise. This seems to happen a lot in the area around the North Road, and the roundabout at the north end of Lochside. Likewise I would also like people to be reminded to keep their dogs on leads. There are a couple of people in my area that walk "staffy-type" dogs without any leash. Apart from that maybe some officers could be a little less overbearing in their dealings with members of the public - they can be quite intimidating at times!
  8. I reckon a face mask of that poet who made himself quite unpopular up here combined with a straitjacket costume would be quite the thing!
  9. is Thank goodness for that! I have had two positive outcomes from Atos, but I know that I am probably a very rare case as far as that goes. The amount of horror stories that have come to light is terrible.
  10. "Pseudo sick people"..... How do you know who is sick, and who is not? Are you qualified to diagnose this condition without personally meeting these people? I hope you do not go by the stereotype of what people look or sound like.
  11. David Wiseman removals. Used to be 20 quid an hour. Dunno if the price has gone up or not, 'cos I've had no need to move anything recently. His number will be in the local directory. Hope this is of use to you.
  12. What do cats put in their drinks? Mice cubes!
  13. How can anyone be sure of who is fit to work, and who isn't? Unless they have actually seen the person in question working? Or have detailed information about their medical condition? To all outward appearances I look fit to work, but I am not. The clue would be in the fact that I am never seen out alone, I always need someone with me. But how many people taking a quick superficial look would actually realise that? Very few, I suspect. I have just received my ESA 50 (Atos fit to work assessment form). I am dreading filling it in myself because I tend to understate my conditions. But I don't feel that I can ask the Citizens Advice Bureau to help this time because they are snowed under with requests for help with these forms, and other urgent help requests.
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