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  1. No accused o onything, dir joost bein a bit threatening towards folk, an generally bein a bit o a menace tae an idder ways peaceful place, folk should hae nae right tae come an destroy a peaceful place lik dis by makin folk feel uneasy an haein tae think aboot lockin up aa thin when usually dir nae need. Dir very few places lik dis in da world noo an why should we pit up wi folk ruining it for wis. I saw whit some o dis travellers wir lik last year when dir wis eens here first hand, an dey wir no very nice folk at aa, arrogant and antagonising, I joost hope da stories I'm been hearin are no true.

  2. Hi, I've been hearin some depressin stories aboot da recent arrival o some travellers fae sooth. Noo  you canna maybe believe aa da stories but if even half o it is true den dir bad news for Shetland, I ken some o da stories I'm heard are true cos dir been first hand info. Arrogance towards good hard workin folk, no payin for amenities, bein very forward an no takin NO for an answer an stealing, now dis is whit I'm been hearin, maybe no true, but if it is den lets try an get clear o dem afore dey tak advantage o even mair folk. Shetland should be a place whar you can leave yur hoose unlocked or da keys in your car an no hae tae worry dat folk might pinch your possesions, I mind when I wis peerie an it's no dat lang ago dat da hoose wis never locked even in da toon.

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