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  1. Anytime I have assisted in the elections in this capacity I was an unpaid volunteer....Dont know about up here though...
  2. My son cast his first vote tonight and I was very proud to see him do it.
  3. Totally agree with you .....If we want to change things we need to get out an vote for it.....Dont waste your chance
  4. Thanks MJ I am taking him with me on the3rd...I was not made aware that I could go in with him....Thanks for the link.
  5. Your right Piddley...Thy stopped all the grass cutting for disabled and pensioners over a year ago. It is supposed to be that the disabled get priorety for repairs ( according to SIC Charter) but thats a load of bull **** as well been waiting 3 yrs to get dodgy steps that lead to the house sorted and have mentioned it to every candidate that has come to the door...Got the usual waffle back ( if you vote for me) well me thinks there is little between what they are all stating in their leaflets... My son has the right to vote but at the last election I was advised not to let him vote as he was Downs and would not understand what he was doing so the paper was taken back and torn up.....How many votes like his go downt the toilet? IMO he is fast becoming one of the invisble ones.....
  6. I would like to put the other point of view I replied to an add giving away a free item because I had been looking for weeks to buy the same but found it almost immpossible to get one. Lovely people whom I contacted would not accept any payment when I offered so a donation to charity will be given as I really am gratefull to the person who gave this away it will make my sons life a lot happier.. We are not all scroungers I was so lucky that the item we so badly needed came up for free....
  7. Banks also take cans And there are the charity shops for other stuff thats in good condition
  8. Signed.....Good Luck with your petition
  9. After 11 yrs of fighting a medical negligence claim ( and being passed around 4 different lawyers I gave up I was mentally exhausted and everytime I said I did not want to go on anymore they would promise that the end was in sight. I know the law firm took out insurance against my claim so they in effect lost nothing.Where as I lost my way of life and still have years of surgery ahead of me.. I personlly dont think it was worth all the stress and I walked away
  10. I will definately be using the store again...Nice to hear we have friendly folk running it now.. Best wishes with your new venture..Great news on the fuel
  11. They got away with stopping the ILA.They snuck that one in through the back door..Which means that people who are severely disabled no longer have the right to help with their day to day living and face the loss of their independence.. IF it costs in the region of £1.600 a week to keep someone in residential care surely it makes economic sense to let them stay in their own homes with support at a cost of bringing in a carer for £150 per week . Again it it a case of hitting the most vulnerable in society because they are easy targets..Petition Signed!
  12. Hear Hear Paul I totally agree with you..There used to be grants for brining back derelic houses. Surely it would be better to bring these once loved homes back to life and give families the chance to live in something that is unique..Instead if sitting on a waiting list for years...
  13. You dont get any of the deposit back...What you do get is a £250 refund when you return the car if it is good condition.....
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