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  1. saw a single mattress dumped by the roadside in Mid Yell a few weeks ago.
  2. aww..it's sad when an animal dies like that just glad someone was there to stroke the cat and I think that was a lovely thing to do.very sweet.
  3. Does anybody know why the cafe is closed or am i just unlucky that it is closed every time i go there.
  4. thanks very much.will keep a record of it.
  5. only shetlinkers can have an argument about a phone number!I had found the number easily enough but it just kept cutting me off,so i wondered if anyone knew a direct line number that's all.and we did realise that was the police number so we didn't phone it.
  6. sorry but that is not the correct number.
  7. does anyone know what the phone number for tescos in Lerwick is please?
  9. With my experiences with Streamline i hope they don't get the contract as on average it takes 2 to 3 weeks from arrival in Aberdeen to being delivered to my address.They always try to blame the originating supplier or courier although usually they are signed for by streamline in Aberdeen.On the plus side after about six phone calls it "Has just arrived"and turns up 24 hours later.I suppose on the passenger ferries they would wait until it was brimful before they sailed however long it takes.
  10. went to flames for lunch..........big mistake!went for the all day breakfast and I gagged,it was horrid.I asked what was the sausages made of and the reply was it was chicken and beef.I knew the 'bacon' was made from turkey, as stated,so I was aware that the taste might not be to my liking but gave it a go.vile!!!the sausages were halal,not bothered about that but they were disgusting and overcooked.the food info did not say halal sausages or what was in them so was unprepared for it,like I say we knew the bacon was'turkey'.it took 30 mins at least for our meals to be served and was cold,3 bits of butter for loads of toast,no napkins around.I complained, politely,not disrespectfully,that was the worst breakfast I had ever had and the rest of my group agreed.no response to our complaints.and to top it all the only one of our group to use the bog came out and said the door wouldnt lock.the rest of the menu might be good but I wont be back to try it out.
  11. also if you try to take photos or film the offence as it happens you run the risk of being called a perv!
  12. as the person who is a repeat offender, it seems, might have already been warned about her refusal to clear up after her dogs and just doesnt care.lets be clear about the facts,what is the comments about road speeds all about?...as I said she was on the pavement and grass not the road and was able to clear up after her dog.if her dog was to crap in the middle of a busy road I,or anybody else,would not expect her to put herself in danger just to pick up some dog crap!!also she isnt the only dog owner in the area who cant be bothered.
  13. I like the letterbox method of deterent.I will be contacting the housing officer as I now know where the person lives.
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