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  1. As the two island groupings are relatively close, is there any similarity between them in terms of the scenery (high cliffs, mountains, fjords etc)? If so, which part(s) of Shetland are most similar please?
  2. Thanks Mucklejoannie, and for the marinas link too. Are there no fully sheltered harbours there then, not even the one in Lerwick? That would be worrying as a gale that strength would reduce my craft to tinderwood in seconds.....
  3. ok, Shetland, not Shetlands. Sorry.....And the boat is a 33ft Colvic motor sailer, and I've been to France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark in it so far. Oh, and across the Irish Sea to Ireland. I know it is cold there in the winter and the sea can be rough. I have heating in my boat. The main purpose of my question was to see if you are allowed to live on your boat there, some local authorities make it difficult, some don't allow it at all. Apart from looking like a lovely place to live (yes, I have been on holiday before now) it could be a great stepping off place for trips to the Faeroe Islands or perhaps Norway.
  4. I live on board my boat and hope to make it to the Shetlands next summer. Is it possible to live on a boat there? Where are there places with safe moorings and facilities (electricity hook up, toilets/showers etc) please? Is it viable/allowed to be a liveaboard dweller in the Shetlands?
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