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  1. Hi, I'm new to the island and I'm looking for information on local football, leagues, events, etc. I've looked around the internet and from what I can figure out, there's the Shetland FA and the Work League. First off, what are the levels of these leagues? What competitions do they take part in and where are these games played? I was also wondering if there were any amateur leagues, nothing too serious, along the lines of "Sunday league". I've found nothing when looking online, so I'm losing hope, but maybe there's something that just doesn't have an online presence yet (I know that's unlikely in this day and age!). Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I recently moved to the island and I'm staying in Lerwick. I want to set up broadband as soon as possible. I've looked around this forum and seen that PlusNet seems to be a favourite. I think quality of service is going to make the decision for me and I know how unreliable connection speed estimates you get on a provider's website can be. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a company for broadband, cost isn't too much of an issue, which will give a fast and reliable connection.
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