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  1. Sooner be on the Norrona going South to Aberdeen.
  2. I thought they were going to cut back on grass cutting, just as much going on as usual it seems to me.
  3. Perhaps an all night casino and free shots thrown in would tempt more people onboard
  4. OFGEM has refused to lower grid connection charges for islands. Boo Hoo
  5. Nice to see Humanitarism alive and well in the VE supporters corner.
  6. ^^^^^^^ SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! Close Scatsa to build a windfarm, jesus i've heard it all Keep taking the pills.
  7. "us and the trust" paulb, sounds like a cosy relationship. just who is us then?
  8. Jim Henry will probably go and one would assume he will either vote against it or leave the meeting. The rift in the community just gets bigger and bigger.
  9. Jim Henry has resigned as vice chair of Trust in protest of decision .
  10. Bill Manson and his cronies are now attempting to grap 6.3 million pounds of Public money three days before the elections. Meeting to be held at Shetland hotel at 10.am How low will they stoop in desperation, it makes me sick
  11. I'll tell you what, why don't you walk up from the Burn of Lunklet past the Lochs and up to the summit of Scallafield, then come back with your conclusions. NB .. beware of nesting birds at this time of year.
  12. Vast tracts of the site are in excellent condition, as for the rest , keep the sheep off.
  13. Hey i got an idea, how about NOT digging up the peat (carbon sink) in the first place
  14. CT meeting canceled, not enough for qourum, you had to be there,lol.
  15. CT meeting canceled, not enough for qourum, you had to be there,lol.
  16. Saw Motorhead on their Ace of Spades tour back in the day at Poole arts centre. 2500 people on the flat floor that use to go up and down by 12inches due to the bass. I couldn't hear nowt for 4 days.
  17. Why would they build a power station in Hillswick, especially since they have to replace the stinky bunker oil fired one in Lerwick with a new smelly diesel one. Should of had gas produced elecrtic from Sullom 30 years ago, but hey ho.
  18. To stop the lights going out in the UK in the future, gas and nuclear as we don't YET have acess to geo-thermal. Wind is useless and wave and tidal is decades off to be of any useful scale.
  19. Would 145m turbines on 800ft hills survive the type of storm of 1991? 140mph plus winds, massive updraughts, erm, well we will just have to wait and see.
  20. The Hillswick Hall turbine was only up for a very short time. It's been horizontal for months now.
  21. Shetland saves the planet...so who's gonna pull the plug on the rest of the Planet, paulb or AT?
  22. Should be an interesting Monday at the Toon Hall, i'll be there
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