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  1. That's ok thank you so much for at least asking for me, it's much appreciated. Yes will do that worth a shot. Thanks
  2. I need a 2 bedroom rental as the place i'm in has sold, Ideally a short term for the moment as i try to find a place to purchase. Budget around £500 pcm Needs to be Lerwick preferably.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know of any rentals available from the 2nd week in March?
  4. Quite a few indoors at Lerwick Toon Hall. that need sorted out too.
  5. Nae sign o da bacon yet tho? You can get a ham & pineapple pizza, and ham is correct me if i'm wrong from a grice.
  6. Rolly2 you i have to say you have a unique quality rarely found at executive level on this rock, namely that you are stating something actually sensible. You must run for convener at the earliest opportunity. The HNP site now has Lerwick's answer to the Berlin wall protecting it, did this ever get planning consent? Its a bloody eyesore, dangerous as young people jump on it either half cut, showing off or just for devilment.
  7. The Hay's (Museum staff only) cafe will not be a great loss, it was often the case it was certain clientele only. Dick Turpin was always inside the door awaiting you...
  8. I assume the landlord will be paying? If not this is chucking good money after bad.
  9. Anybody fished Trebister Loch, or Gossawater & Loch of Wick which are next door to each other?. Are they any decent fish in any of these?
  10. The breakfast on the ferries are terrible - last time i tried it the fried egg was under cooked, the bacon pale to the point of breathing on the plate, and the price extortionate.
  11. The whole concept of a hostel built there is frankly potty, i think residential newbuild's would be a far better use of the space. This would help to provide more badly needed social housing for LOCAL people. As for the mini Berlin wall laid out across to stop cars parking i think that will be there for some considerable time to come.
  12. This sums up what we locals can see everyday, to a visitor it must be twice as disappointing. Da Street is as run down looking as i can ever remember, and quiet - this afternoon was grim, hardly a soul.
  13. I guess HIAL see it as a cash cow, and alas it's been coming for a while. Parking down there at times is a free for all with cars parked inconsiderately blocking other parked cars from moving, not to mention parking on the roadside a quarter of the way down to Grutness Pier, which will be the norm from now on.
  14. Its been a while this thread has lain dormant, a bit like the hall - any word on what's happening to the old girl? The pile of wood at the front looks an eyesore and with so many nails jutting out a danger for any kids who happen to mistake it for an outdoor adventure park.
  15. The EU accuse us of "cherry picking" - sounds like pot calling the kettle black to me. Donald as his fish entailed name suggests can Tusk off...
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