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  1. Hi, So is just the exam students that need to go in ?
  2. Hi, Just off topic slightly, but someone said it was a public holiday, so why were the children all at school ?
  3. Hi, I thought teachers were paid a salary, so they don't get extra for working a bank holiday I could be wrong. If it's a Shetland bank holiday why were the children at school, if it was not a Shetland bank holiday why pay the teachers extra?
  4. Smelling and drinking mulled wine and roasted chesnuts always drew crowds perhaps with some candy floss in some towns on the mainland, especially on late night shopping and always went down very well.
  5. I just think it could do with bit more colour and sparkle perhaps not spending lots of money but bit more effort or thought into some of the windows and outside the shops. Just seems such a shame at this time of year there is not much for the children to get excited about walking through town which all helps to make Christmas time more magical especially for the toddlers in pushchairs and babies in prams looking at pretty colours of xmas etc . I also think it gives people a lift and helps create that excitement and festive mood.
  6. Lerwick town doesn't seem very festive at all, not much in the way of festive window displays and just a few little xmas trees with just a very few decorations on .It just doesn't appear very welcoming or festive for this time of year and nothing much really for children to oohhhh that's really nice some people have made a really nice festive effort. Surely if the tone feels warm ,festive and welcoming people would perhaps hang around and spend more, putting people into festive mood and good cheer and all that. Personally it does kind of look bit depressing does anyone think so?
  7. Hi, yes I too did the cecchetti ballet classes when I was a lot younger and did some of the exams and my eldest daughter followed the RAD syllabus again took some exams and enjoyed moving up the classes/grades. Some of the children did extremely well and went on to stage schools or audition for the Royal Ballet School for those that showed outstanding promise and some children just enjoyed the lessons for fun in a structured way.
  8. Hi , Yes I will. However most of the ballet schools that do the above lessons RAD or Checcetti appear to be in Aberdeen ,which obviously just not possible, but you never know, someone might start classes in future which would be lovely for some of the children that might like to try it.
  9. This is example style of classical ballet lessons I'm after, children wear set uniform and work towards grades(if they choose to) following the distinctive method of training from a set structured syllabus. http://www.oundleschoolofballet.co.uk
  10. Hi, Thank you for the contact, I'm not sure whether the above group follow a formal set syllabus for teaching or indeed do RAD or cecchetti method which is a distinctive style of classical ballet, however I will ring and ask just in case so thank you again.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know whether anybody teaches ballet more specifically Royal Academy Dancing (RAD) or Cechetti method classes to grade examinations here on Shetland I'm guessing probably not have not seen anything advertised so bit long shot, thanks.
  12. Hi I agree but for some people just trying get a reasonable balanced diet can be quite a challenge as it is, which is why I said earlier despite having good diet and varied some people could still fall short . You have to be a bit sensible a lot people are not going to study and research or the in and outs exactly what they are going to put into their mouth every mealtime and which vitamin/mineral might block absoption of another during their busy lifestyles. I would have thought best would be a varied diet and balanced as you can get for yourself and if you think you might benefit from additional supplement then do and pick out bits of information that people offer like B12 video clip that might helpful or useful to themselves . However some groups of people might want seek further medical advice. Yes I agree diet is important and how everything works but sometimes keeping thing little simple can have good effect too, too much info can be off putting to some especially it becomes too complicated .
  13. rich foods and you could also supplement with B12 . Remembering that B12 DOES require combination of B vitamins to work effectively. iron rich foods are better than Spatone in the diet ,but Spatone is excellent natural supplement if you need to just to add or boost levels.
  14. Hi, I suppose for preventive measures obtaining B12 naturally from food would always be best and preferred option, the problem of this is eating right food rich in B12 in sufficient amounts. In its natural state it is far more useful to the body % wise. The same as iron, iron taken in its natural form is virtually impossible to overdose on and the body takes up a much greater % of it, it takes only what it needs. Spatone is excellent example.with it being in a natural form there are virtually no side effects unlike iron tablets where the tablets are artificially produced and %iron uptake that useful is not as good and its is possible to overdose on iron tablets. So in an otherwise healthy person as purely prevenitive measure check diet try to include B12
  15. Hi, well we hope at least some of our medical profession will read at least some of the info we can but hope, when I started the One world birth thread and putting info for mothers out there to start to ask questions on eg options/choices in pregnancy ,birth and beyond which some mothers were clearly being denied or bullied into other choices, it did get people talking as to what is going on in our maternity services, and where to find up to date information if they feel they were being fobbed off etc.with relevant organisations and where to get outside help. It also raised awareness of conflict of interest role held in a management position. The more people discuss, talk about the subject raise questions of the subject and don't be allowed to be fobbed off and be provided research that's up to date and evidence the better. This is what starts to drive standards up and starts changes. We could be banging our heads on a brick wall, but you never know just someone here in medical profession may just do some reading and start to ask questions on behalf of patients but then again I won't hold by breath . Excellent post in raising awarenss of B12 so at least people can be aware themselves of the problems of getting a diagnosis and what likely they are likely to expect with regards testing etc which could affect any of us at anytime lets not be ignorant thinking I've got no symptoms so by B12 will be fine we should all be informed. Sometimes there is still an old attitude i'm the doctor your the patient, you do as you are told and don't question so some people do put and shut up. Very hard to overcome especially perhaps with some elderly and younger people who may find harder to question authority in a certain position.
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