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  1. Thanks for the pointers, much appreciated.
  2. Can anybody recommend a joiner/builder who might take on small internal house modifications? Thanks for any tips,
  3. Anybody ever made use of this company to buy a car? If you have, what were your experiences of them?
  4. Thanks very much for your kind interest, but now sorted for someone to look after dog
  5. Would anybody be interested in looking after our nice doggie for a couple of weeks while we're away from Shetland? Happy to pay for her keep.
  6. Can anyone recommend someone reliable who could replace a kitchen sink, fit a new window, and who might tackle a couple of other small household jobs? The bigger firms are all very occupied with bigger jobs, it seems. Grateful for any pointers.
  7. Aimee Sutherland, who stays in Russell Crescent.
  8. Recently bought polycarbonate roofing sheets. The price Hays gave was almost a third of the price from LBC, so went with Hays!
  9. I've got Jim's Garage to wire up a couple of towbars for me- I'm frightened to touch modern car electrics!
  10. The thing is, there isn't a move towards 'village' style accommodation in this country. There is a consensus that long-term care provided in smaller units is best, but this is not borne out in reality. Care homes are getting bigger: when I say that, I mean bigger, more faceless, more 'institutional'. Many of the criticisms made by Goffman in 'Asylums' still relate to these. Glad your mum's experience is positive. Should be the norm!
  11. Apologies-I've deleted my double post. Getting carried away!
  12. Sadly, overall, the opposite is true. The NHS Information Services Divisions 2010 census of care homes in Scotland shows a decrease in the number of private care homes in Scotland between 2000 and 2010, but an increase in the number of places. This signifies the building of bigger and bigger homes. Service providers do this to achieve 'economies of scale': that is, the more residents you can squeeze under one roof the smaller and cheaper your workforce can be. Other 'hotel' services such as kitchens and laundry can be concentrated on one site and will also be cheaper. There are no fixed requir
  13. I think there's a bit of a focus on selective issues here. You're right enough, Viewforth will never be as suitable for purpose as a unit specially designed from the word go. I don't hear anybody speaking about that anymore, though. The fact is that Viewforth is a much better environment for people with dementia and behavioural issues than anywhere else in Shetland. Unless it is replaced with something appropriate -not simply closed- service provision will suffer. Thanks for the offer of information. If you're party to knowledge that a new specialist dementia unit features as a priorit
  14. Do you think so? The old Ronas Ward would have to be completely gutted and rebuilt to meet the compulsory standards for mainstream care homes, let alone specialist dementia units. It's a pretty decrepit old hospital ward, complete with large shared rooms. It would be nice if they did replace Viewforth with something similar, and until council 'austerity' that was the accepted plan. All I hear now, though, is 'close it'! No talk of a direct replacement. As for scaremongering: this scenario is pretty scary, and that's a plain fact.
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