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  1. A bit of a lazy attempt at Westminster bashing there, when actually...
  2. I don't think either of those options were seriously considered for very long by anyone with an understanding of how the virus was spreading (I assume you know that but are writing for dramatic effect). Since very early on the aim of the game was to slow the spread i.e. the 'flatten the curve' principal whilst vaccines were developed and/or herd immunity achieved. Surely there's enough evidence of health services around the world being overwhelmed for people to understand that aiming for herd immunity through the unchecked spread of the virus would have been catastrophic. It feels qu
  3. A very interesting article https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/nostalgia/3115162/the-ira-plot-to-bomb-the-queen-in-shetland-following-the-death-of-bobby-sands/
  4. Depending on who you ask, and it's probably not a hugely useful comparison, but... Westminster (including the Commons, Lords and whatnot) cost £552 million in 17/18. The Scottish Parliament cost £99 million in the same year (source). So Westminster costs about 5.5 times as much as Hollyrood but has a lot more 'legislative throughput'
  5. I wonder how many people say that in public but vote for more 'selfishly' in the privacy of the voting booth. Thanks not an accusation BTW @Muckle Oxters. I'm sure you're a selfless pillar of the community!
  6. Moot point. If we stay in the UK we have a debt, if we leave we have a debt, and almost every country has debt anyway. Furthermore, it depends on how the settlement is calculated if we leave. A relatively regularly used method (for example, in the case of post Soviet or Czech and Slovak republics separations) is done per head of population, which would see Scotland come out with a considerably lower level than England. This is quite a frivolous thing to say, although I'm sure it was done for effect rather than actually believing that Scotland's economy is based on whiskey, wind turbine
  7. Out of interest, which Christian values do you agree with that you feel are in opposition to the values of other religions? (from my understanding, most religions are based on very similar core values) And what is preventing you from voicing your opinion? Is that not what you're doing here?
  8. You haven't answer my question @Urabug, but is it fair to say that you believe anybody should be able to say whatever they want wherever they want to whoever they want unless it is illegal, and then it's up to an individual claimant to take legal action? And by extension, do you believe all Have Your Say websites should be completely unmoderated? I don't want to have a go at you directly, I'm just wondering if you think there's a middle ground somewhere.
  9. In theory, would you expect the moderators to 'censor' someone on Shetlink if they started spreading misinformation about you on the forums? And in principle, would you support such 'censorship' or not?
  10. Apologies for going off topic again..... Every social context has rules, whether explicit or assumed, about what is acceptable. A conversation in the Thule Bar will have different social rules to a conversation at the family dinner table. In this case of Shetlink, we are all responsible for setting the tone of the discussions - not just the moderators. I for one am grateful that the tone is generally constructive, respectful, and rarely personal. But it seems to me that some folk on here are in a cob after being asked to mind their language at the family dinner table. Cla
  11. https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/03/22/rspb-adds-to-concern-over-spaceports-potential-impact-on-birds/
  12. Maybe in Western Europe, but many areas of the world has patchy or no mobile / internet coverage. According to some statistics only about half the world's population has internet access.
  13. Th latency is indeed an inherent problem, but the new communications satellites tend to be small and in a low earth orbit so there's less physical distance for signals to travel. Fibre will likely still be the preferred option for cities and urban areas, but for many areas installing or improving physical connections are challenging (i.e. remote areas, areas with difficult terrain, or countries with unstable governments where infrastructure developments are problematic) As mentioned, on the whole newer satellites are quite small (e.g. shoebox size), relatively cheap and are in
  14. Hello there. It sounds like a really interesting business, and I hope you do well in Shetland. Shetland is relatively pricey for accommodation so you might have to look for somewhere outside Lerwick for something of the size you need in that price range. But compared to the much of mainland UK, the commute tends to be short and scenic! There are properties listed here https://www.njord.market/accommodation/1 and you can post wanted ads. I believe there are Facebook pages for local accommodation too (but I don't use FB so can't provide a link)
  15. Presidents can be voted in and out through democratic processes as a result of their abilities, performance and/or popularity. The Royal Family can't be voted in or out and are the classic example of inherited wealth and privilege that is in no way linked to their abilities to perform the limited 'duties' royalists claim the royal family perform.
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