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  1. I have never liked "gourmet cooking" in a restaurant. You tend to get a big plate with not a great deal of food piled up in the centre. I tend to have to ask for a couple of bread rolls so that I don't leave the place still hungry. I am not a huge eater but once or twice I have been to such places, paid silly prices and had to make myself a sandwich when I got home.
  2. Why exactly is this migrant crisis being seen as a problem for only Europe? It is surely a situation that the UN should stress is for the world to deal with. Thus, with the vastness of their countries, the UN should bring Australia, U.S., Canada and Russia into the solution. Whereas the UK has stood up to be counted and given billions annually in foreign aid to so many other countries, the aforementioned 4 countries should now do their bit. It is unacceptable for them to opt out.
  3. I am not sure that it is the newspaper's standards that are slipping. It is more the fault of many people who seem unable to utter a sentence without uttering such words. ng7627 referred to the fact that it is difficult to get away from it and I agree with him/her.
  4. Ironwithin - how many people suffering under these brutal dictators do you deem to be an acceptable level?
  5. Thanks for that link, Berserker. That is a really good document to read through for info.
  6. I am hoping that someone can advise me as to the approximate permanent population in Shetland broken down into a figure for each island. I have been googling for the info but have been unsuccessful. I have been asked to give a presentation and don't really have much of an idea as to the current position. I think that the population is regarded as being around 23,000. For sensible reasons, I am not going to include an occasional resident on Forewick Holm/Forvik. Thanks in advance.
  7. In the past, I rarely was able to book flights online under the old system and I then always phoned Flybe on their landline number (obtained from saynoto0870.com). I was always able to book my flights as wanted although it sometimes meant Flybe contacting Loganair and phoning me back. I have accumulated a large number of points under the new scheme, due to moving home and putting lots of expenditure through the card then paying it off straight away, but have not tried getting flights under the new system so far. I am not confident that Flybe will be as generous with their flights in future as they were previously.
  8. One thing that I would definitely sign on for is a course to learn some of the traditional Shetland dances. The excellent Maria Leask used to run 10-week introduction classes, for one evening per week, at Anderson High School. You don't necessarily need a partner to go along to the classes and dancing is a really big activity in the islands and quite sociable. I hope that you get the job and move to the islands. I am back south in England now but I lived for 6 years in the islands and the experience was wonderful.
  9. No. Alex Salmond lied continuously as part of his "yes" campaign in the referendum and there will undoubtedly be times, still to come, when Sturgeon will utter untruths. I am not saying that it is Ok to lie and I have never voted LibDems in my life but even I can see that the guy has been a good constituency MP over the years.
  10. ^ In this day and age, you should be using the "bags for life" there and not carrier bags.
  11. ^^ Where exactly did I write that the petition wasn't demonstrating in a legal manner? I think that calling for the council to reign en masse and expecting them to do so is ridiculous. They were voted in to do a job and that is what they are doing. If you and others don't like it then protest and let your feelings be known. With the MP's in Westminster, voters have a chance to lobby their MP. Similarly, the members of the Shetland electorate can protest en masse and then seek a meeting with individual councillors to put their views across. One can seek to influence SIC councillor's decisions in key votes but whether they follow a popular viewpoint is entirely up to them. I would suggest that anyone who thinks the councillors are doing a crap job should seek election themselves at the first opportunity of doing so.
  12. This petition is a complete and utter farce. It is anti-democratic as the electorate voted to put these people in place and that is where they should stay until the next election unless any choose to resign as their own choice. If you don't like their choice as regards decisions taken by them then, by all means, demonstrate in a legal manner and see where it takes you/us.
  13. Kavi Ugli - it is entirely your choice not to go to Tesco. Many of us do so. You'll just have to live with it.
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