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  1. Just found your post - a bit late to go outside and have a closer look, but after quite a lot of digging (figuratively speaking) I'd say it's a variety of Veronica longifolia (related to the little blue speedwells you find everywhere, including in your lawn). 99.9% sure. Have a look on Google images, click on pink varieties as the veronicas are mostly blue. A hardy perennial, looks as if it might take the place over if you don't threaten it with a spade now and then. I'm a gardener by trade, trust me
  2. If you've got anything organic but woody like old perennial stalks, shrub prunings etc. that take forever to compost, have a bonfire with them then use the ash either as a surface mulch or incorporate it with all the rest of the compost. Good worms are essential and they'll come by themselves in time, but if someone can give you some for starters, all the better. Tiger worms? Stripey jobs? I know them as brandlings. Incidentally, I've grown excellent tatties in a patch of soil where the cats used to crap.
  3. Hello everybody, I've just signed up to get an idea of what's making you tick before I come and join you permanently. Exactly one year ago I was on the ferry on my very first visit to Shetland. Between now and then I've realized it's where I want to be, and I even came back in May just to make sure. And hey, one of the reasons I'm coming is because you are a friendly and helpful bunch! Sorry to say this about the country I've lived in all my life, save for a year in Scotland, but England is fast becoming somewhere I don't want to live in any more. So - northwards. When I have my housewarming party I'll let you know p.s. I'm a gardener by trade but there probably isn't much calling for those.
  4. I'm reading all this very carefully. I'm emigrating myself as soon as I can get my house sold here in Cumbria (any takers, incidentally? Anyone wanting to swop SVT for Sellafield would find it handy), and yes, I do think of it as emigrating. I'm not intending to move again in this lifetime. Commuting isn't an issue as I'm self-employed but a bus route is. Therefore - Mainland. I don't want to be too isolated but I don't want to be in Lerwick or Brae either. Anyone recommend Waas?
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