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  1. 3Mobile and Smarty which uses Three both have unlimited plans now and very reasonably priced. Vodafone have “phone” sims which work in a 4G router, again they also have unlimited plans. Anboutside omnidirectional aerial along with a unlocked router can for most people give them broadband. Omnidirectional aerial... unless you can physically see the mast and its line of sight the signals bounce around. Just by having an external aerial which will have an amount of gain (provide a better signal) you can often get 4G broadband when your phone cannot.
  2. Probably! Need a nice new cold war and then there might be some investment Trooters suggestion of using Internet radio is probably the easiest, I use the Tunein service and it lists literally thousands and thousands of stations.
  3. If you have a Satellite dish you can get Classic FM on both Sky and Freesat boxes. Hook up to a hifi and the quality is sublime. PS my daughter wants your Minions.
  4. Sorry postcode checker normally says no to Shetland... http://www.ukdigitalradio.com/coverage/postcodesearch/
  5. A new mobile network is due to lauch at the end of the month. It uses all three networks on one SIM (O2, EE & Vodafone), initially it tries to connect to 3G network then 2G. One SIM, one number and works across three networks. Not wanting to sound like an advert but initially its PAYG at 10p per minute unless you are on their "home network O2" which is 5p a minute which I thought was quite a good deal at either price. http://anywheresim.com/#a-brand-new-mobile-network
  6. I read whenever there is a Blog entry
  7. If no luck, do try CPC.farnell.com they use Royal Mail for small deliveries however IPA may be a restricted item.
  8. shevans


    Do you do pay over the odds for an Apple Computer however you get (in my experiance) a machine that works with very little downtime getting involved with software updates / patches etc. Installing a printer for example is so easy and quick compared to a Windows machine.
  9. Its possible that the lines are connected directly to the exchange which means no cabinet. In some areas BT have added cabinet between the exchange and home, in other areas there is the option of fibre to the premisses.
  10. Pretty much a guarded secret However if you enter your telephone number at https://www.dslchecker.bt.com it should show your cabinet details and what is available.
  11. I have owned a few Humax Freesat recorders, never had a issue with them. Made reliable recordings and was easy to use. We did subscribe to Sky at one point with additional channels but Freesat provided us with all the viewing we needed and when we move house again will consider buying another. The Humax direct website has "manager specials" so look out for a bargain.
  12. It will heavily impact the whole if Skerries, population, jobs and house values are just a few. Grab a few spare primary aged children and get them on Papa Stour, then the real issue of education vs cost will really surface from the SIC educational department.
  13. Same here, very worrying.
  14. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-23821083 Helicopter ditched!
  15. This is a good starting point for clubs etc. http://www.communitydirectory.shetland.gov.uk
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