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  1. The cost of hiring mareels auditorium is £1200 + vat, the legion is free, the clickimin is similar to mareel but double the capacity. A well known local promoter has been fobbed off, lied to and otherwise generally dissuaded from hiring mareels auditorium. common speculation has it his choice of musical style has been a contributory factor. The happy mondays would have filled mareel to capacity, the replacement band "the view" only sold 250 tickets. The mondays tickets were overpriced at £50 but from a personal viewpoint many of my friends were going to it and it was going to be an excel
  2. And I'm SICK TO DEATH OF SEEING YOU PLUG IT! Had a listen, and it is nothing special. Crumbs, no wonder you need to advertise it so much. Aww... Diddums getting angry and posting in capitals as the forum means so much to him/her.
  3. ....I thought we'd already been given a possible hint on that. Surely ghostrider you can't possibly be referring to the recently released poison popcorn album recently released recently by poison popcorn...... recently etc...... http://poisonpopcorn.bandcamp.com/
  4. Well, Shetland(s) is as shetland(s) does, the pronounciation and verbal etiquette being paramount however, poison popcorn has released an album and i'm sure all your shetland pronounciation needs will be answered if you go here http://poisonpopcorn.bandcamp.com/ ...only 6 pounds or so i believe.
  5. I'm sure he's been vetted and all that but what i'd like to know is what music does he like........
  6. As serious as the viking energy windfarm project and debate is, at the moment it surely pales in comparison to the news that poison popcorn has at long last released an album available here.... http://poisonpopcorn.bandcamp.com/ ...you may now continue your discussion about big whirly things.
  7. Thanks JM, I'd looked and couldn't find so I assumed I was too thick to find it. How about everyone gives a frank personal assessment of their views on present councillors regarding the scottish independance referendum in 2014. Specifically who do you think has the balls to push for a good deal for Shetland and what is the best we could hope for? Rules are, try to be serious and anyone with less than 5 posts will not be acknowledged as I read the snp are flooding message boards with nationalist propaganda.
  8. [**Mod Edit - Threads Merged**] where can I find a list of my local nominees? I live in lerwick north and as far as I can see I have the option of an SNP stooge who certainly does not represent me and will follow party orders rather than helping Shetland gain more power and independance or.... caroline miller who also does not represent me and who will also not help Shetland gain more power and independance. This is probably the most important local election since the oil boom and we need to vote in people with massive balls who will fight Shetlands corner in 2014 ruthlessly, playing ho
  9. There is quite a large movement of people who are refusing to fill out the census on moral/ ethical grounds due to the fact that the american arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin has the contract to carry it out.
  10. I know several guys who are doing the groundworks. roadbridge is using an agency who are paying £6.50 an hour, the guys have to pay their own tax and national insurance and they are expected to work 77 hours a week for this flat rate while the incoming irishmen are paid 18 euros an hour, have all their meals and all their accomodation paid for them. The only reason these guys are staying with the agency is in the hope of better jobs once the road is finished but this looks to me like a standard is being set whereby locals are used as essentially slave labour and service personnel.
  11. A nice controversial subject. The nazis were responsible for the jet engine, the birth of space travel, the autobahn, the ejection seat, the first tv broadcast to reach space, bans on food colouring and additives, huge amounts of cancer research, synthetic fuel, synthetic rubber, methadone, the first ever tape recording is of a speech by hitler, then there's vitamin research, addiction research ...the list goes on. All this was done under the direct control and manipulation of the nazi party but we never read or see any of it. Any thoughts?
  12. A wealth of information here... http://www.indopedia.org/Pan_Am_Flight_103.html
  13. Regarding the lockerbie bombing it is well documented on their own site that the cia has payed around 15 million dollars to 'witnesses' to megrahi's guilt. One of the main witnesses was a shopkeeper who was paid $2,000,000 to identify megrahi who allegedly bought a suitcase from him, this he did even though it was 2 years since the suitcase was bought and megrahi was in the shop (allegedly) for a matter of minutes.
  14. Where's a good place to look for edible ones?
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