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  1. Ask John Abernethy, Clousta.
  2. Not flu but is pretty long lasting with some similar symptoms - loss of appetite, taste, smell. Now slowly regaining strength and have been ill since 6th December.......
  3. Delting Up Helly Aa is great fun and if that is during your half term, I would go for it You won't be able to go on boat trips at that time of year - apart from the RoRo ferries to other islands! As Frances says July and August would be best for touristy stuff - visit to Noss, boat trip around it, day trip to Mousa, fishing in sea or loch provided you have a licence, beautiful beaches (Sumburgh/Spiggie/St Ninian's Isle, Tresta in Fetlar, Westsandwick on Yell and many more).
  4. Did you get a photo? Or make a drawing?
  5. Saw (and met) loads of cruise ship visitors energetically buying from local shops yesterday. They didn't look that bored to me - possibly a tad chilly!
  6. Blinnd moorie used in Delting anyway....
  7. Isn't it supposed to celebrate the return of the sun? I don't know anything about genocide.
  8. Crofters Commission should help you with this. Go into the local office and chat with them or talk to Graham Frazer at SAC.
  9. Not local arrangements but Grazings Regulations.
  10. Paulb suggested taking dogs on open scattald. This is misleading as there are regulations against this. Only crofters with grazing rights for the scattald may use dogs here and only in conjunction with others who have the same rights in order to caa the sheep.
  11. I tend to agree with Colin as we have people walk their dogs a lot around (and over) our land and not everybody cleans up behind them. With five dogs, unless you have them all on leads, you will be hard pressed to find it all and pickup after them. The best option is to buy a place with lots of land and exercise them there.
  12. There used to be roller skating at the Clickimin. Also swimming, badminton. Check with Brae Leisure Centre to see what they have to offer.
  13. We had an excellent lunch at the Lerwick Hotel yesterday. It was warm, comfortable, food was excellent and affordable, well presented and we had great service. It is so much more pleasant in the new surroundings with sea views. The restaurant was busy so obviously a lot of people were enjoying it too...
  14. The Blue Lagoon, Voe. Pierhead, Voe. Baltasound Hotel, Unst. Spiggie Hotel.
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