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  1. Just had a thought, Now what would happen if some body started making gollys with yellow , red or white faces, would some body find something to complain about or would it just be classed as another doll ..
  2. This post will probable run and run, but an old saying comes to mind. Sticks and stones can brake my bones but words will never hurt me. Can we no just forget that a bit of a poet from the mainland thought he could get some free publicity and by god he needs it, Has any of you read or heard his poetry. Now this is my personal opinion nobody elses ITS sharn.. Now that's me probable in it as well..
  3. Just read this topic from end to end, Everything that has been said could have been said on one page of foolscap. This has now gone from debating to trying to outdo each other, Please look back and see how many times the same points have been put forward by many of the same people. A Golliwog is just a bloody toy from a bygone age, Live we it..
  4. Totally agree KLANKY, I'm now 65, colour has never bothered me ,worked we a lot a different religions and people from all over the world. When young collected the stickers and got the enamel badges managed to get two, saw no difference between that and Rupert bear or my old teddy, As a mater of fact still have them today just keepsakes.When the hell is folk going to grow up and see them for what they were play toys for kids.
  5. Shetlandpeat please point out where the hell is cheap social housing in Shetland. I used to stay in council housing before I got my own house , the rent I paid was more than some people were paying in fairly big mortages. Shetland council rents are some of the worst in the country..
  6. All I've been getting for the last 3 days page cannot open . classifieds just seem to have disappeared. Think we will all have to move on to facebook classifieds seems to be working good..
  7. Hi Spartan..My wife and I moved to Mossbank nearly 35 yrs ago at the start of the oil boom. We brought up a big family their [6] in all. We had moved around quite a bit up till then. All I can tell you is that it was the most happiest years of our lives, really good neighbours a fantastic place to stay, Views to die for. We had to move around 3 years ago because of property left to us in a will, Probably the worst move of our lives, If we could turn the clock back we'd be back tomorrow. As it is we left two of our children their and their bringing up their families and all still love the place.... Hope if you take up the offer you get the same feeling as we did ..All the best for the future...hughie
  8. I might be able to help, my son is married into this family. The man in question is his mother in laws grandfather as far as I can remember. He was either a Christie or Umphrey . Will try and sort this out and get back later on..
  9. Went with my uncle many years ago as a guest, He was ex REME had a very nice evening,, so when we left I asked about membership, as I had been a member of of the civil defence and was a member of the ROC, was told on no uncertain terms where patrtimers were to go, Uncle was never back again. Not so long ago after a good few years in the lighthouse service thought mabye try again, (F### off) from a gorilla at the door said it all no bloody change. Hope its knocked down and made into flats or something of some use.
  10. Not been using Tagon for ages as never felt welcome. Visited the other day and what a change. Congrats to the new owners. Your pleasant smile made our day. You will see us again.
  11. Hmm.Think just found loophole for a few businesses, Why not get your business reg as a public hall and get rid of your rates. Could be on a winner.
  12. Any idea what became of the skins,Wid mak lovely waistcoats,No really strong enough for rivlins..
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