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  1. I heard today that the Council have just sent 2 employees to India for 2 months! In a time of cuts with schools closing and budgets being slashed, surely this can't be true? How much is that little lot costing?
  2. I think you can safely say from the list who are currently 'undecided' that these WILL certainly stand again: Alastair Cooper, Betty Fullerton, Robert Henderson, Bill Manson, Cecil Smith and Allan Wishart. It appears to be part of the strategy to keep quiet about these things at the moment in the hope that this will minimise public debate about individual failures and achievements. The former rather than the latter it has to be said. Cooper, Manson and Wishart are, after all, steeped in Viking Energy. - will that affect votes? Betty Fullerton to stand for the south end someone said? Mo
  3. Some ways to save petrol money here: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheaper-fuel#efficient
  4. Let's not forget a panel employed this guy which consisted of the full Council plus adminstrative staff. They employed this guy as we know and it has been a disaster. Never mind the pay-off - that is bad enough, but what about all the wasted time? If an excellent candidate was in position (from the alleged short-list it didn't seem there was such a candidate) we could have been moving in a very positive diretion for 8 months instead of shifting Shetland into reverse gear so that's effectively 16 months wasted. Two highly paid members of staff have been absent for long periods of time
  5. I don't think any Councillor which is closely aligned with the Viking Energy project is a good idea.
  6. ^^^Well said, Axolotl. As well as the above quote, your post has more sense in it than all the media coverage (both letters and reported news) put together. I could not agree more. Axolotl has nailed it. Mr Shannon has a reputation for being a fixer, yet no-one can actually work out what exactly he has fixed as he has flitted from post to post. I have to say that the quote about life being too short and getting on with it etc. from the paper yesterday is hardly suprising given the alleged fact that he was fudged into a senior position, even writing his own job description. It would appea
  7. (** mod edit - quote of whole previous post removed **) Yes - good point and taken, the kind of behaviour we need from all senior Council officials but particularly the CE. My point however was that you have to wonder given the circumstances if there was a particular level of baiting going on and if really comments made were really that bad - maybe they were not and he cracked which is a weakness but of course we simply don't know. He appears to have a track record of dealing with larger contracts well which of course involves professional people behaving in the right manner around a tabl
  8. I think in the longer course both Tavish Scott and Alastair Carmichael are really going to regret getting involved in this.....particularly as this appears to be based on "the strength of feeling that we detect in the wider Shetland community" - whatever the hell that is meant to mean? Don't they have more important political matters to spend their brainpower on? It sets a dangerous precedent and I notice that Alastair Carmichael has been left to do the interviews. Looks like Tavish feels that he is too close to the whole Shetland side of things to be directly involved in this way - time w
  9. Yeah me too. Got to a couple of things but wish they would split the book and film festivals - too much at one time to ensure a good turnout for a small place like Shetland.
  10. Not at all. I recently wrote my own job description too, and there are many good and honest reasons why this is a useful thing to do. Just because he was involved (allegedly) doesn't mean that nobody else had a say in it either. There are also beyond many good and honest reasons why, as a senior publicly funded position, that this, if true, is not in any way 'good and honest'. A highly paid position was created (by whichever means) which effectively was the second most senior staff position in the Council. This was was filled by conveniently (for whatever reason) muddling someone into th
  11. Not only was the post not advertised (I can remeber the Times and the Unions complaining about that too at the time) but allegedly Mr Shannon also wrote the job description for the post as well.......mmmm that stinks if true and I would have zero sympathy in this situation as Mr Shannon has clearly through stealth elevated himself into an unsustainable position. The fact of the matter appears to be that upon the arrival of Mr Clark the role of 'puppet' is no longer required whilst it is clear that Mr Shannon does not have the skills to address the admittedly difficult task of managing the ca
  12. I'm not so sure you are going off the topic. It is important if the 'Creative Industries' flag is being flown that there is clear understanding what it is and for the 'arts' elements of the creative industries which Shetland Arts would potentially influence/develop/support via Mareel to be clearly identified within this rather large heading. This obviously then needs to be weighed up along with the softer community benefits against a fairly hefty capital and revenue cost to the public purse. Table A2 at http://www.culture.gov.uk/NR/rdonlyres/4DE5B8FB-A95F-49B6-9900-3BE475622851/0/Crea
  13. There is a further camp.........the one that looks forward to the outcome of the VE investigation into this imporant project whilst also realising that oil won't last forever; are potentially happy to develop a windfarm which we realise won't save the world, yet which also wont 'cover the island in wind turbines' and which will provide community funds for the future. I couldn't agree more about the point on tidal power and I am totally in favour of this being investigated - we have great tidal movements around Shetland but I guess this is not itself immune from the likes of environmental pro
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