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  1. Blue lights - Under the Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations ​Ref blue / green lights on vehicles. Only Emergency vehicles can display blue lights and only medical vehicles can display green lights. There are a number of vehicles on the roads in Shetland with blue lights - this is illegal and we will shortly begin to enforce this. The issue has been raised a number of times during the police plan consultation process and we've given people the opportunity to remove the blue lights. If they continue to be displayed / used further action will be taken (caution & char gem fixed penalty, re
  2. This joint (police / fire) phase of the consultation process is looking at the multi member ward issues in particular and these meetings give each ward an opportunity to add issues or highlight particular points that are relevant to their particular area. Examples include: Shetland North - lighting on vehicles on the A970, speeding & manner of driving on A970 (Road Safety) North Isles (Fetlar) - visits by the police to the local school (Community Engagement) Lerwick North & South - drunk people in the town centre (substance misuse, violence, disorder & anti-social behaviour) I
  3. The priorities that have been developed in the consultation process so far are: 1. Maintain Public Confidence & Local Engagement 2. Substance Misuse 3. Road Policing 4. Violence, Disorder & Anti-social Behaviour 5. Protecting People 6. Serious & Organised Crime 7. Emergency Planning & Resilience These will be contained in the Local Police Plan for Shetland and as ever your comments would be appreciated. Angus
  4. @ Who Knows, Apologies for the delay in replying. The "local police" view is the same as the national view / guidance which can be found on a variety of web sites, with the main one being: https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code Angus
  5. @JustMe, Passengers and vehicles are checked as / when able. The majority of people welcome the dogs and given that the use of "drug dogs" is something we all regulary experience as we travel around the country / world. Angus
  6. Hi, I'll answer a few points here and then add a further comment about the priorities so far, hopefully the discussion can then focus on the valid process of selecting issues / priorities as opposed to being distracted by side issues. The recent Police & Fire Reform legislation requires that the police and fire consult with the local communities and are in turn held accountable through a new "local scrutiny & engagement" framework. In Shetland we have expanded that framework - called the Shetland Community Safety Board (SCSB) - to include any agency (public as well as the third sec
  7. Scalloway has a Public Hall which is in the middle of the village whilst the Fire Station is quite a way outside the village. This means that those who do not drive will, very probably, not attend your meeting. To attend, non drivers would be obliged to walk on a busy and fairly narrow section of main road which has no pavement or lighting for a distance of at least 1/2 mile of it's length. Well thought out (not). Why? As you claimed, recently, that the Police have a duty(?) in respect of public safety, I would also be interested in hearing who would be deemed (at least partially) lia
  8. Hi, As part of the on-going consultation process for the policing & fire plans for Shetland a series of public meetings re being held throughout Shetland over the next few weeks - anyone is welcome to attend any event. Fetlar Community Hall, 07.01.2013 at 7pm; Lerwick Fire Station, Wednesday 8th January at 7pm; Baltasound JHS, Tuesday 14th at 6pm; Scalloway Fire Station, Wednesday 15th at 7pm; Bixter Hall, Thursday 16th at 7pm; Sandwick Fire Station, Thursday 23rd at 7pm; Mid Yell Fire Station, Friday 24th at 6pm Whalsay Fire Station, Saturday 25th at 6.30pm. Please attend the
  9. I have a slight(?) problem with this. Not being a drug user myself (apart from nicotine and the occaisonal dose of alcohol..), I wonder if the police have the right to make the rules in this way? If you, or one of your officers, decides to confiscate a 'legal high' type of drug on the grounds that you are keeping people 'safe' (even though there are no declared 'rules'), it would appear to be a pretty subjective interpretation of the law. 'Policing by consent' (whose consent ?) seems to be taking over from 'innocent until proven guilty'. Colin, Items (synthetic highs) are seized because
  10. With due respect, the same can be said for cannabis. You only arrest on suspicion (don't you?) that it is cannabis and only once tested do you know for a fact that it is, indeed, cannabis. Likewise, if someone is in possession of prescribed medication not prescribed for their use, off it goes to Forensics ... no idea if Dundee(?) has the same timescales as Birmingham or whether you have the luxury of LCG (and then you get into the joys of the Prosecution arguing as to what amount can be deemed as 'fit for use'). Call me old-fashioned, but I was brought up to believe that the main purpose o
  11. Unlinked Student, My comment about discussing whether or not something is illegal / legal was made from the view point that, with many of the new "synthetic high" substances we do not know if they are legal / illegal until they are tested and by the time the results become known there is a risk that someone else takes it and is ill or suffers a more serious consequence. There are a limited number of public servants dealing with various issues - for the police our main aim it to keep people safe. Just because it is legal does not mean it is safe, hence the desire to do something while talkin
  12. Hi, The consultation process for the priorities and issues finishes at the end of October and I'mmeeting with the elected members, who sit on the Shetland Community Safety Board on Thursday 24th October. I will be taking the comments from this forum, along with a variety of other meetings / surveys / correspondence to that meeting to allow for an informed discussion on what people see as the priorities / issues. Please keep the comments coming - it's gone quiet over the past week. Angus (Shetland Community Safety Board - the local scrutiny board where the police and fire & rescue s
  13. Hi, Not forgotten about the "being seen as much as seeing". This week we are participating in the "Get Read for Winter Campaign" which includes vehicle lights. There are 40% fewer incidents of violence so far this year and we will continue to deal with each one as quickly and firmly as possible. I agree with the need for more honesty in relation to substance misuse - drink, drugs and synthetic highs. They all have an impact on the community and we all need to deal with the issues. Over 65% of the serious crime in Shetland has alcohol some where in the equation. I'd be interested to he
  14. Hi, Yes it is amazing how many people still use their mobile phone when driving. We have dealt with over 50% more offences for mobile phone use this year (compared with last year). There is a reason for it being against the law to use your mobile when driving - it is a pity some driver's ignore it. Angus
  15. Colin, Yes the police bikes are still here. We (myself included) just need to use them more. As long as a vehicle is road worthy / insured, etc there is no reason why it cannot be legitimately used. I say legitimately as there are provisions for abnormal loads (wide, etc) where we would work with the operators to ensure safe movement. Angus
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