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  1. If the minimum wage not being enough is the issue, are there really that many folk locally who (a) are currently living off benefits but want to/are able to work and (b) would be attracted to jobs in those sectors if wages were to be increased? I don’t know but I suspect the problem is also that there’s an imbalance between the number of folk of working age living here and the number of jobs available locally.
  2. Only if the competition doesn’t destroy the peerie guy who was there first - which more often than not happens when big retailers that can offer more choice and lower prices move in. From memory the Co-Op in Lerwick moved to where it is now around 1990ish, Tesco - or Presto as it was first - maybe 5 or 6 years later? Since then, my guess would be that around half of the independent grocers in rural areas as well as most of the grocers/bakers/butchers/fishmongers that existed in Lerwick have gone. Most bigger rural villages had 2 or 3 shops each in my early memory, most now just have one.
  3. Good luck to the SIC on making the ‘right’ decision on this. I can see it now - refuse them and folk will complain that they’re backward, restricting choice, forcing folk to have to travel to Lerwick to do a big shop etc, approve them and you’ll have just as many complaining they don’t care about existing businesses, local jobs, local food producers etc.
  4. Retailers are only interested in one thing - making money - and don’t care what places might or might not ‘need’ a shop or what impact them moving in will have on any existing businesses. If Tingwall was going to bring them in the money that they’ve obviously predicted Scalloway or Sandwick will, they’d be biggin there. The same goes for Asda, Lidl or Aldi that folk on social media are saying we ‘need’ here. Good luck to the SIC on making the right decision on this one. Refuse them and they’ll be accused of stymying choice, approve them and folk will be complaining that they don’t
  5. Bein fae da isles I hae a slightly different tak on dis een. As doo says, I certainly hivna heard o anybody fae da (Shetland) Mainland saying dats where dir fae or getting any sense that they hae an 'affiliation' with da (Shetland) Mainland as a whole - as opposed to dir local district (Nortmaven, da Ness etc). But its certainly a term used in da idder isles - you'd speak about somebody wirkin on da Mainland or hearin about somebody movin ta da Mainland. Although thinkin aboot it, probably only if there was some vagueness as to where in da Mainland it might be, so if it was Lerwick, you'
  6. ^Yis good point aboot da use o ‘island’. Definitely heard folk fae Yell, Whalsay etc speak about ‘da isle’ when speaking aboot their own isle but I’m never heard ‘the island’ (da isles - as in plural - yes) used ta describe Shetland as a whole until recently.
  7. ^I do get where it comes from though - think the Canaries, the Falklands etc. which we probably all use without too much thought. Logic would imply that use of ‘the Shetlands’ is just as acceptable A more recent annoyance IMO - and to my horror I’ve seen folk living here using it - is ‘the island’ (singular). Since when did we become a single land mass?
  8. The times are like any other business - they have employees and other overheads that need paying and I suspect an increasing number of us ‘use’ the service they provide online without ever paying them a penny. It used to be the main, if not the only, way for folk to advertise locally and as (free) online alternatives started taking the place of that even before coronavirus I suspect they’ve seen a huge drop in advertising revenue in recent years. At the same time more folk are going online to read da paper, they’re losing revenue from paper sales, in turn that makes advertising less attract
  9. For the record it was a wife......
  10. The problem is, who’s ‘say’ wins out when there are strong opinions on both sides? I’m on the opposing side but the notion that folk haven’t had a chance to say their bit is nonsense. Objections were made, the decision-makers disagreed with them and one side lost out - they were never going to be able to please everybody.
  11. I might be wrong too but wasn’t it something along the lines of ‘if Shetland doesn’t want it, it won’t happen’ as opposed to the offer of an actual vote or referendum? If that’s what was said, assuming there would be public agreement one way or another made it a pretty foolish statement to make IMO
  12. Doesna look like there’s much left of it if the most recent photos I’ve seen online are anything to go by. What a waste of a modern building that could have been a huge asset to the place if circumstances even before today had been just slightly different.
  13. I too questioned whether this would be viable in the long-run but I don’t think that’s the job of councillors or the council when they decide to grant planning permission. However much the owners may have believed – or have been led to believe - that the camp was temporary they took a gamble on the basis that it would and/or that whatever they may have picked up in the way of tourists on top of oil/gas business would have been enough to keep it going. It’s a shame though that between this place and Scalloway we’ve now lost what on the face of it were among the most modern and well-run of wi
  14. Folk are quick enough to come up with ideas about what should be done but as usual the expectation is that somebody else and/or the council should be funding them. The hard truth is that any use that is found for it needs to be commercially viable. I just can’t see anything on the scale of what has kept it going for the last 40 odd years ticking that box. There just aren’t enough locals or visitors flying in and out and tourism is never going to grow to levels that make a second airport viable. Use of it by the much-lauded Space Centre might be one glimmer of hope but IMO there’s still a lot
  15. Agree climate may be a factor but I’d be very surprised if the speed and extent of their lockdown won’t prove to have contributed significantly to their low mortality rate. Time will tell but if things continue on the current trajectory it could also prove to be what gets their economy back on track before most others. South Korea is another interesting example - they’re just out of winter too but also seem to have got a grip on things largely through extensive testing and tracking. There’s no right or wrong answer with any of this but there will be folk everywhere who think their govern
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