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  1. Stockholm is beautiful, a lot of old buildings and interesting museum etc – and a lot of surprisingly well dressed Swedes! Summer time especially is a good time to go to Sweden and see parks and maybe go to the rural coast areas too. My sister's just written a travel book in the metro of Stockholm, but that's in Finnish so it won't help you! Also, from Stockholm you can get a ferry to Finland with Viking Line or Silja Line! - The best part of Stockholm The ferries are huge, like floating apartment blocks, have restaurants and bars and a lot of drunken Finns (and couple of Swedes too) – quite an experience! But, a day day visit to Turku or to Helsinki might well be worth it! Upsala is meant to be very nice but haven’t been.
  2. (sorry for the late response, been driving up in the van with a limited internet access…) Muppet – I am interested in fiction as well, for two reasons 1) first reason is related to my research; I am looking at representations of Shetland, mainly in tourism context but otherwise too, and the fiction writing, whether by Shetland or non-Shetland authors, can be seen as a part of this. 2) second reason is more personal - I like reading fiction! Thanks for reminding me of Ann Cleeves, I’ve read ‘Raven Black’ but hadn’t heard there’s a new one! Suzanne – good to have directed a new member to RISI Ghostrider – thanks for the links, look good! Another trip to Shetland library so…. Now reading: ‘Half of a yellow sun’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Set in 1960s Nigeria, a compelling and interesting read from 3 different person’s point of view. http://www.halfofayellowsun.com/ Before that read ‘The Austen Bookclub’ by Karen Joy Fowler, an interesting & easy read with loads of Austen references & a comprehensive appendix! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Jane-Austen-Book-Karen-Fowler/dp/0141020261 (I could do a bookswap of this one to something like another light 'girlie book' or a crime story or some Shetland book - if someone is interested, send me a PM)
  3. Hi Maggieme, sorry to hear there was problem with my email, there seems to be continuous problems with university server... Anyway, I've sent you a PM – also others if you want to get in touch with me & the email address isn't working, please do send me a PM thanks
  4. Cool, thanks MJ, checked the link and it looks good. I'll get on to search the book from ReadItSwapIt - which is a great way of getting good books to read! http://readitswapit.co.uk/TheLibrary.aspx
  5. Ah I love Totoro And other similar things such as the Cat Returns, Spirited Away & Howls moving castle - with all of these movies there's the odd moments though that do kinda confuse me (maybe that's why I like them... hmmm... ) ... and love the catbus of course!! http://www.concretebadger.net/images/blog/oavs-and-movies/my-neighbour-totoro-5.jpg
  6. Great thread - many good ideas what to read next! (If I ever get through the books I have at home waiting to be read...) I just finished reading Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks, a novel based on the village Eyam in the Peak District, which had a self-imposed quarantine in 17th century to keep the plague from spreading out of the village. I've visited the village couple of times and really enjoyed reading the book! If you like historical novels & great reads, I can truly recommend it! .. and if anyone has suggestions of other good reads of historical novels (e.g. located in Shetland?!), I'd love to hear of them
  7. Hmmmm great thread - I'm getting hungry now! Nothing beats home-made bread We've changed from supermarket bread to home made bread recently, so much better! We're also lucky in Manchester that there's some lovely local bakeries like the Barbakan (http://www.barbakan-deli.co.uk/) for times when don't have "time" to bake. Altho that's just an excuse, it doesn't take that long to bake...
  8. Oh yeah? You know anything more of these - anyone done/published anything? Shetland forums must be quite interesting
  9. Hi all, I've been in Shetland couple of times over the past couple of years. I'm a 30 yr old Finnish girl living in NW England, with plans to spend most of the summer 2008 in Shetland with my "new" 1980s VW campervan. I came across to this forum while I was doing research for my PhD and was delighted to see such an active forum! I'm doing research on Shetland tourism and the use of Internet in it (good reason to spend time in Shetland and online ) Shortly my research is looking at how Shetland is 'sold' to tourists in official tourism marketing, and how this differs from a) the ways Shetland is portrayed in online discussion forums & blogs etc, the experience of everyday life by locals and c) the experiences of tourists once they get to Shetland In addition to personal interest, there are two research related reasons for me to join the forum: 1) I'm wondering if any of you could help me - I am looking to meet and interview both locals and tourists (in person or through email), and even looking for a place to live/ room to rent for a while during this summer (I'll be mainly spending time in Northmavine, Fair Isle and Lerwick) (there's only so many nights I can spend in the tiny van ) 2) I'm also wondering how would you feel if I used this group for research - i.e. keep record on the discussion that are relevant for my study and analyse them in due course. All the material would be used anonymously. If the whole group is against I won't do it, and if some members are against I can leave their posts out. What do you think? (I did notice the point 3 in the Terms and Conditions, ‘You agree not to create a database (electronic or otherwise) that includes material downloaded or otherwise obtained from this website’ – but I’m hoping that I can do my research with the permission of individual members) I'll be very happy to tell you more about my research & plans if you are interested, some information is also on my website http://www.emmareettakoivunen.co.uk/Shetland_tourism.html Thanks for reading!
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