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  1. The quote from the article in the 2nd post is a wee bit selective, it misses out the next quote from Mark Boden which puts a slightly different spin on things - Additional responsibility plus retention measure. I'm not going to comment if the amount was fair or not, there's not enough information available, but everything seems pretty above board to me.
  2. Those dreams were smashed a couple of days after the UK election last May
  3. ^ It's not gonna be in Shetland though...I'd be pretty angry if I queued for 'secret gig' tickets in Inverness only to be told the gig is in Shetland.
  4. Rachel Sermanni is supporting Mumford and Sons on this tour. I'd suggest getting along early to give her the attention she deserves, her Sunday afternoon Celtic Connections gig was outstanding. There are a couple of vids on the BBC Celtic Connections site too.
  5. Davie addressed this in his initial posts on the first page. He didn't have a say in the matter, it was either the way the band wanted it or no gig at all. There's a caps lock key on your keyboard boss, try using it.
  6. Taken from The Pop Cop, and nothing on their official site yet.
  7. Bit strange that he states in the first entry that it's a blog primarily for SIC staff, yet it's open to the public which means it's open for comments from members of the public...which can be both a good and bad thing. I think it's a great idea though. The CE of the company I work for keeps a regular blog to keep staff up to date with what he is doing, and he tries to respond to as much of the feedback as possibly. Although it's completely internal and hosted on the company intranet.
  8. On the topic of rowdy passengers, I had the 'pleasure' of some rowdier passengers in the Mid Ships Bar. I wasn't attempting to sleep, I had no cabin and barely sleep on the boat in the best of conditions, so I was sitting up until I more or less fell over. Anyway, they were the only people I've ever seen have drink taken off them. They appeared to have a vinegar fight on the way to the smoking area at one point. Music was being played over a set of mini speakers quite loudly, and being sung loudly (and wrong I may add..AC/DC 'All Night Long'...what exactly are "Mountain Thighs"...). At 3am, when the increasingly aggressive and competitive push up competition was at it's height, one woman shouted through from the stairway that she was trying to sleep. "what do you expect, it's a f****** bar love". I was pretty glad I didn't have a cabin that night, I could have been in with one of those morons.
  9. Good day, Does anyone know if the PCS have representation in Shetland? I would guess that between the Coastguard, Job Centre and HMRC there may be a few members about. The reason I ask, is that Shetland doesn't even exist going by the logo on their website... http://www.pcs.org.uk/en/scotland/
  10. This should maybe go in a thread called "Covers which are not better than the original version but are admirable attempts". The Hold Steady covering Springsteen's Atlantic City.
  11. Lerwick does miss a pub which does decent food and is relatively pleasant to sit in. Not advocating Wetherspoons as being an answer, just making a point.
  12. According to the BBC, he's gone. No word on the payout though - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/north_east/8534857.stm Edit - Shetland Times has the piece regarding the payoff http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2010/02/24/council-chief-executive-accepts-tax-free-250000-and-leaves-his-post
  13. Wind your neck in. I'm not supporting him at all, I'm just disgusted at the actions of other people in this thread.
  14. Fair point. I still have issues with the comments made towards him on this site.
  15. so that makes these comments ok? constant jibes over his size? suggesting he should be shot?
  16. No. I can't. It's up to the people who have posted the comments, and David Clark I guess, to decide what is racist.
  17. I'm aware of that Paulb. I pointed out that there are alot of statements made in this thread that could be considered bullying and harrasment.
  18. Looking through the thread, although not reading everything, I can't see any post which actually states, as Mr Clark claims, discrimination against him for being a non-Shetlander. There are many posts which deride him for being many other things, but I can't for the life of me see any post which directly attacks him for being of non-Shetland origin. I stand to be corrected, as usual. So please point them out, or go back to the communist bar for a quick dram or three with BS & DC There is plenty of bullying and harrasment in this thread, I didn't mention anything to do with racism.
  19. Don't let the door hit you on the way out Ramsie. And Brian is correct, the bullying and harrasment David Clark mentioned is rife in this thread.
  20. If I had kids, and heard them using some of the name-calling/insults that have been directed at David Clark in this thread in the last couple of days...they would be getting a clip round the ear and told to learn some manners. Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves.
  21. Dear lord, is this actually true?!?! And I thought completely pointless petitions were restricted to the internet...
  22. The review on the Guardian was more a (tongue in cheek) criticism of Simon King, rather than the show, or Shetland itself. A bit overly dramatic at times, but very good watching.
  23. I'm only donating if they'll do it in 3D.
  24. The idea for broadcasting the procession is over the net is great, I just wish they used a proper camera, rather that one that appears to have been bought in a PC World sale.
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