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  1. The first part of your paragraph is 100% correct. But no broadsheet worth their salt would touch a story like that. However there is obviously a valid story regarding Mr. Clark and the relevant happenings since he took over, removing all the private life intrusion, which I am slightly surprised haven't appeared in a better paper than the Sun.
  2. Tomblands

    biffy clyro

    ^ those tour dates are from 2004 Hobbiniho
  3. interesting conversation when you talk to the police about it... "why are you only reporting this now?" "well, I thought I would threaten some guys on the internet first"
  4. Aye, and as a result the Sky Plus recording failed. Stupid electricity for losers.
  5. Drove out of town at about 4 tonight. Very heavy snow, the roads were awful. Impossible to see where you were on the road and just relied on the tracks that were filling in quickly. The Scord was awful. And I had to get out to push the car up the hill on Burra after turning off towards Bridge End. Didn't see a gritter or a plough anywhere.
  6. No. Not at all. And you can drop the "I'm too intelligent to deal with the likes of you" act anytime you like.
  7. Ok, your tarring of Sandy Cluness as "arrogant". Let's see some quotes or comments that have led you to this "intelligent posting".
  8. ^ I wish I knew what you are ranting on about half the time icepick, you lost me there.
  9. I'm quoting this again because it sums up 90% of the pissing and moaning going on in this thread. Ramsie does make a very good point about the criticism Northlink face regardless of what they do. Remember just after the new boats took over the route and they hit that terrible spell of weather? A couple of cancellations and people were instantly on their back with the "da auld boat..." mantra. A couple of weeks of this pressure, and the decision was made to sail one pretty rough night - I believe the quote from the Coastguard to the boat (printed in the Times) was something along the lines of "where do you think you are going tonight?". As I recall, this boat got as far as Fair Isle where it took a large wave which caused some damage around the bow then turned back only to find it too rough to go up the east of Shetland, and sheltered off Burra for over 24 hours. Fancy that? No, I don't either.
  10. If you do consider staying more central and getting the bus, it might be worth your while staying on the airport side of the city centre to avoid all the tramworks nonsense going on. It's a fairly clear run from Haymarket out to the airport, there is a bus lane the whole way barring a short section at Corstorphine where you might get stuck for a couple of minutes. There are a few hotels on Corstorphine Road that have easy access to the bus route. EDIT - and I forgot to add, the return is £6 now.
  11. On nights the boat doesn't sail, the comments are along the lines of "da auld boat would hiv geen in dis". On the nights it does sail, and something unforseen happens the comments are like "weel, even da auld boat wouldna hiv sailed in dis". These comments are usually made by the same people.
  12. ... of course you will, we're terrible
  13. ^ Griffin wasn't getting at any point with the comment about Jack Straw's father. He said it, as Malachy pointed out, to be hurtful. Had he intended to make the point you suggest Styles, surely he would have gone on to say as much?
  14. I love the Old Firm's fantasy about this "North Atlantic League". Rangers vs Rosenborg. Celtic vs Copenhagen...oh haud me back, please.
  15. Did I miss something? "Drinking on the job" suggests he was working whilst drinking/drunk. I was under the impression he had a drink in his office after taking the afternoon off?
  16. That's not a threat to the press, that him avoiding jeopardising a possible legal case.
  17. @paulb Unless you have some inside info, he hasn't tried to "gag" the press...he chose not to talk to The Shetland News due to an ongoing internal legal investigation into the publication of Dr. Wills letter on the Shetland News website. Either show us this evidence of 'gagging', or you would probably be well advised to remove your comments.
  18. I don't think you can "get away" with anything "alleged".
  19. That's your opinion on a private matter. But from what I gather from the letter Rosa posted on here, this was a private discussion between her and the Times. She may have chosen to speak about it (although she did suggest she told people in confidence...) but that doesn't suggest the other party should do similar. If Rosa is desperate to continue her column, she could perhaps approach some of the local magazines. In my opinion, a gardening column is completely out of place in a newspaper and would be more suited to a magazine environment. The other option would be for her to start a blog, that way she wouldn't be limited or restricted to publishing deadlines and such like.
  20. With regards to the complaints about the Times not publishing letters, and the subsequent "I'll not buy it anymore" soapboxing. I'd take a guess at the reason these letters haven't been published is because, up until a few minutes ago, this was basically a private matter between Rosa and the Times. And the Times haven't published anything about the column ending. You may find it more worthwhile to send in your letters AFTER this has been "officially" announced.
  21. ^ That link explains absolutely nothing about the accident. For all you know it could be completely unrelated to the actual turbines themselves.
  22. ^I may have missed something Para Handy, but where does it mention anything about personal email addresses? @paulb I have no idea how you jumped from that quote to the method in which the council handles complaints. And I'm not even sure what point you are trying to make.
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