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  1. I moved up with my family in the late 80's and my accent back then stood out like a sore thumb (cut glass English), now - not so much. Many of my contemporaries from school have it seemed married "out" of the islands from "north of inverness" all the way down to the south-east. I moved back permanently last year having spent many years living abroad and I love it. Pssst - the weather isn't really that bad. I mean it gets a trifle "blowy", but personally I find that exhilarating and invigorating - come back and ask me again when I've lost tiles from the roof or my shed is in the sound! But
  2. NHS shetland is currently seeking someone for procurement.
  3. Asda/Tesco/Very/Next/John Lewis - all deliver for a very low price and a whole range for all budgets.
  4. I for one would be happy to have a slow meander down the street exploring the shops (and spending cash) if I didn't feel my two small children were about to get mown down at any moment... as it is I tend to get in and get out asap.
  5. I think I'd prefer to be *behind* the range than opposite it!
  6. My second car was an Escort. Drove it *into* a drive-thru. Had to be lifted off the drive-thru window by four hungry rugby players in the car behind. Happy days.
  7. Especially given you can get not dissimilar from Amazon with free delivery for under £20.
  8. neep - I hope you've managed to find somewhere already, if not - here's my 2 cents: Take one of the SIC's "low demand" places on Yell/Whalsay/Northmavine - spend what you'll save in the first 2 months of rent on an intensive "1 week to pass" driving course in mainland Scotland and buy a car in Aberdeen before jumping on the boat back up. Win-win. 1. You'll get a gorgeous house with a secure tenancy (no more 8 weeks to get out nonsense) where one day you might choose to raise your family 2. You'll gain a driving license - whether you live in town or out it's always a valuable skill to hav
  9. If the dog shows no interest bin it, else cook it piping hot!
  10. My advice? Figure it out when you get here and you've got your bum on the sofa. As someone else alluded to there are blackspots, e.g., Wadbister I could only get EE/T-mobile. Where I am right now seems to get them all - until the mast falls over. But truth be told, I'm either on home Wi-Fi or SIC Wi-Fi - when I'm out and about there's frequently no reception - you'd be better off going PAYG and keeping an eye on farmhouses for when you're out and about and possibly need an emergency phone!
  11. It's a vicious cycle, people are on the waiting list for town, because that's where the houses are. Anyone wanting social housing studies the figures closely and sees that turnover is high in Lerwick and therefore your chance is seemingly higher. Drive through Voe and you think it's nice and you'd want to live there, plenty of what looks like social housing. Study the figures for availability/turnover and you'll see there's only a few over 1-bed on the council's books - and what's the rate of attrition? Virtually nil, so it'd likely be a wasted application - unless of course you've all the ti
  12. It'll still be under warranty. I had similar problems with a brand new Vaio I bought last year. Called Sony and whilst they had me jumping through daft hoops "have you tried turning it off and on again?" - they collected by courier and returned by courier within 10 days - 1 year on and it all still works. Naturally, all FOC! Note to others: I will never by a touch-screen laptop again. Total gimmick.
  13. It's a weak argument. I'm a Scot with a "cut glass" English accent - I'm sure there are those who view me with suspicion - I don't notice - but I will tell you this. Shetland HAS changed. 30 years ago someone with different coloured skin WAS stared at in the street, for those of you who never left you may not have noticed - but for me it's an extremely pleasant change to see. It's very "Guardian reader" like to sneer at Shetlanders as a whole for making the odd "cheese-eating surrender monkey" quip - and I loved the description of Gauloise - can we not have a chuckle at cultural differenc
  14. We have native to the islands a world-famous, world-desired pony breed - yet no dedicated venue to show them off in.
  15. Our sweep told us that as a wood burner it should "burn clean" and only need sweeping every two winters. We called ours out laste year due to the same problem - he said it's a "lack of use" thing and to stick a hairdryer up it before you light it the first time of the year... worked!
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