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  1. Anyone in Shetland use a solicitor or letting agent to let property. Any good ones, any bad experiences? Just in the initial stages of thinking about it and don't know where to start! Cheers!
  2. I am just entirely bored of this whole thing.
  3. Try Angela Sinclair http://www.massage-shetland.com/
  4. Does anyone know if anything can be done about the abhorrant smell in Lerwick from the Heogan Fish Meal factory? I appreciate it is a good industry and employer. BUt the smell is awful sometimes and must have an impact on tourism? Is it not breaking pollution legislation?
  5. sausagesoup

    Pier Fishing

    Hi folks Where's best for pier fishing? whats the best time of year for different typoes of fish. are there rules as to the piers you can fish off?? Ta
  6. I don't understand why people eat Jaffa Cakes. But I don't think it's wrong for other people to eat them...
  7. I see Mr Tait has written another letter. Word fail me.
  8. Why does the Recreational Trust never get a mention! THey are getting 2.5 million next financial year and god alone knows how much they've had since their inception in 1982! And 8, yes 8! Leisure Centres/Swimming Pools across Shetland I'm sorry but Shetland needed something else, other than lesiure facilities coming out of every corner
  9. I'm glad to see most people are on my wave length and not still living in the dark ages! Anyone else read Peter Tait's letter in the Shetland Times today?
  10. This not what I asked! This not a Sky slagging thread!!!!
  11. Hi there Does anyone know what engineer Sky use in Shetland? I am having a visit next week and I want to contact them prior to that to discuss something. Thanks!
  12. Every cinema I've been tae sooth is unreserved seating and personally I prefer that. It seems there are some folk aroond who are picking holes in mareel for the sake of it. It is an absolutely amazing facility. It's here lets embrace It and stop moaning...how about that for a concept???!!!
  13. Anyone else having O2 problems these last few days? I feel as though my right arm has been removed! Ta.
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