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  1. So a company that hasn't built anything is offering an unbelievably good deal. What could possibly go wrong? I'd check up on the tolls too since a proportion of the cost of tunnels in Norway is always financed through tolls for 15-20 years. Pretty sure the council only gets £5-6M a year for all the ferries so would take a lot more than five years to pay off even at zero interest. Has anyone seen the detail of this offer / seabed survey / designs? Just curious.
  2. Does anyone know if Tunnel and Geoconsult has built anything anywhere since it was incorporated in 2012? Also, what about tolls? I'm sure Malkie Bell said it was £20 return to the airport in Faroe.
  3. Try da Rova Head. I dunna ken if they gie you ony money fur dem but at least it taks dem aff o da road!
  4. You ruined a very valid post by signing off with that line. The SIC (the Shetland public) is one of the largest owners, if not the largest owner of the VE site. If VE were to be quoshed, no private firm can build the turbines on the same site without SIC (the Shetland public) approval and agreement of terms. IOW, no windmills can be built anyway by anyone else unless they enter in to an argeement with the SIC (the Shetland public) to buy, lease or otherwise legally occupy the same site, for which, I would really hope the SIC (the Shetland public) still has enough good sense left to charge them a sum appropriate to the potential value of the site, and in doing so the SIC (the Shetland public/comminity) will benefit. GR, I think Greysuit's quote is a valid one but I'm not so sure about yours! I asked the question at a wind farm meeting a while ago, how many turbines would be sited on land owned or controlled by the SIC. The answer I got back then was 26. I think some turbines have been removed since then so that number could be less.
  5. If only that were true. £5 million of the £6 million pledged by the SIC came from the Capital Programme which is exactly where money from the school would come from. The other £1 million from the Shetland Development Trust. JustMe seems to be confusing Council Reserves with the Charitable Trust which is supposed to make provision over and above what the Council provides for.
  6. I wouldn't get too excited about Tavish's impending demise. I'm sure he'll argue that the MCA is a matter reserved to Westminster. And besides what's his competition? A parachuted in Labour candidate who, it's rumoured, has never been here before, or the non-existant Tory or SNP candidate? The best the SNP has done so far is to consider then discount Dave Clark's candidacy.
  7. Went away for a week. Came back and nothing's changed. King Clueless is dead. Long live King Clueless!
  8. Patrick, great to have you back from your vacation.... from Shetlink. Hope the Castle isn't too cold and draughty upon your return. I should think Tom is entitled to his opinion as a member of the un-regulated press and as an individual. Clive's will be a big miss. I too have shopped at Clive's since he was at the "Sooth End." I don't recall him being opposite the Lodberry. Was he not more opposite the Queens or the beach next to the Queens? Quite a long time ago now.
  9. Info here - http://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2011/01/21/mareel-opening-delayed-until-summer-after-weather-disrupts-building-work Shetland Times Quote, "Mr Gibbons said the delay would have no financial repercussions for the £12.2 million project, which has its fair share of detractors within the community. Rumours have been circulating in some quarters that the budget was spiralling out of control, but he said such talk was entirely without foundation." Presumably the main contractor will have to pay their staff during this four month delay (caused by three weeks of bad weather). If costs aren't "spiralling out of control" then somebody somewhere is taking a big hit and there must be "financial repercussions", no? Even in his world of Monopoly money Mr Gibbons must recognise that?
  10. WiiMan

    tall ships

    Suprising that the whole thing now revolves around two repeat bookings with its success, how about the new generation on new young musicians.... ....or maybe one of the real big-name bands that (we're told in a thread not far from here) will be falling over themselves to play a gig in Shetland. Still, maybe Bjorn Again will have some new material.
  11. WiiMan

    tall ships

    Oh dear. Complete lack of original thinking in the line-up for the Tall Ships. Bjorn Again - again and the Levellers again - again!
  12. Earl PARTICK, don't you mean Nothing changes in The Sun?
  13. Earl PARTICK, did you not previously indulge in character assassination under another user name?? MODS!!
  14. You really don'tlike those guys do ya Spinner?
  15. I was in Lerwick briefly this afternoon - no signal. Whole way back to the Ness - no signal. Still no Signal Grrrr!
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