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  1. Hi Guys, Just in case anyone's interested, Shetland band Ten Tonne Dozer have been nominated for an award in the Best Metal category of the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. Anyone who's interested can check out http://officialsama.co.uk for more information.
  2. Ten Tonne Dozer + Autonomic Chicken + Comet Conspiracy are playing the Lerwick Legion this Friday (the 27th Jan). 18+ only this time, I'm afraid, doors open at 8.30pm. Anyone fancy coming along for a pre-Up Helly Aa spree?
  3. Hi guys, Just curious about how many linux/unix users there are kicking around that might be interested in working with it up here. The company I work for is based in Bristol and they are planning to hire a junior support technician. I've persuaded 'em to look for someone in Shetland (as I work from home up here). The job won't be formalised until probably March, but I'm scouting around just now. I can't give you details on salaries, etc, but if anyone's curious, please PM me. I don't want to clutter up the forum.
  4. Figure I might as well clear this one up. We decided to change the name of the band from Ultima Thule as we discovered there was a Neo-Nazi band in Sweden with the same name and we didn't want to get confused with them, even by accident. We did go away as Northern Rage in an effort to hit the big time, and came close. We had airplay on Radio 1, write-ups in Kerrang magazine, supported some bigger-name bands, played some famous venues, etc. We signed a record deal with Bleeding Hearts records in Newcastle, but just after recording, our drummer at the time (Michael Dean) went off to play drums for New Model Army (which he still does). As a result, we had no touring band to promote the album and they dropped us like a hot rock. We still play some of the old Northern Rage tunes in the Ten Tonne Dozer set - when we can get a slot big enough to fit them in! We have somewhere in the region of 2 1/2 hours of our own material to choose from and we always like to play the newer stuff when we can.
  5. Incidentally, I should have mentioned that it doesn't have to be in town. Anywhere that has decent broadband will do fine (all our work is done over the internet). -- BigMick
  6. Can anyone tell me what an average monthly rent on a wee office in Shetland would be? I currently work from home in Whiteness, but the head office is considering expanding the business (and the number of employees) in Shetland, so are interested in setting up an office. Just need to give 'em an idea of how much it would be, so they can decide to go ahead or not. They contacted the council to see if there were any incentives for a business from south setting up in Shetland, but apart from telling them that super-fast broadband was on its way (they already knew that) there was nothing else they could offer or suggest. Bit of a shame really, but considering the current economic climate, its not surprising. Might be an idea to PM me information, if it could be considered in any way sensitive. BigMick
  7. Ten Tonne Dozer are always looking for local venues. We've had a few months off to train up a new drummer, but we're back in action again. We're doing a UK tour in October and a number of local and UK single and weekend gigs before then, but get in touch and we can organise something. PM me or contact us through the myspace/facebook pages.
  8. Not sure I agree with you there, but its a matter of personal taste. I'm still using vi for most of my coding, but that's mainly 'cos I'm an old git . I've used eclipse as well as a few other IDE's and eclipse is the best I've tried. That said, I'm not using it for day-to-day coding (see above).
  9. Hi, My best advice when using Regexps is simply to use google to help you search. Perl is a bit of a sausage to learn, however take some time to familiarise yourself with Awk and Sed scripting. This will help you no end. -- BigMick PS "Bit of a sausage"? I think not. Swear word. Rhymes with Rugger.
  10. An night of pure Rock 'n' Roll madness. Shetland's Vunk Fest 2009 - here's a small snippet.
  11. I'm there . Got the money all ready, just waiting for the last minute. May even buy it twice just to make sure. -- BigMick
  12. We played in Whitehaven which is in the northwest. Was a fantastic gig too, serious hangover the day after . Tour is going really well, we're in Edam in the Netherlands at the moment. Gigs have far exceeded our expectations, and we're running low on merchandise already! Looking forward to the next few gigs. -- BigMick
  13. Howdo, For anyone who may be in the general vicinity, here's the details of our two week tour in May: 2 May 2009 20:00 The New Elgin Hall Elgin, Scotland 3 May 2009 20:00 The Three Tuns Whitehaven, England 4 May 2009 20:00 The Borough Sunderland, England 7 May 2009 20:00 Victorie Alkmaar, NL 8 May 2009 20:00 Alte Post Emden, DE 9 May 2009 20:00 De Gonz METAL CHAPTER FESTIVAL Gouda, NL 10 May 2009 20:00 Oja Aarle, NL 11 May 2009 20:00 RTW FM Waddinxveen, NL 14 May 2009 20:00 Bannerman’s Edinburgh, Scotland 15 May 2009 20:00 The Cathouse Glasgow, Scotland 16 May 2009 20:00 The Moorings Aberdeen, Scotland Hope to see you there! For more info see - http://www.myspace.com/tentonnedozer
  14. BigMick

    Download Festival

    Clicked on your link. Can't wait to see "Server Error in '/' Application." I hear they're really good . That said, I think "The resource cannot be found." will blow 'em off the stage. Where's my battle-axe. BigMick's going on the rampage!
  15. Holy crap, that makes me feel old.
  16. Oh God! I wants it. I wants it now. Gives it to meeeee!
  17. Yun drummer da stallions hae looks kinda familiar. Seen him somewhar afore... He's no very muckle. Doot you'll need tae mak him aet more.
  18. Damnit, damnit damnit! I canna get there that night. Bloody well working. Well someone's gotta pick up the slack from Hambone...
  19. Lol! Be glad to take you along if we were making that much, but sadly we ain't. Now if you'd been a 6' leggy blonde, etc, etc, etc, I'm sure we'd have managed to find somewhere to squeeze you in .
  20. Ten tonne dozer are looking for a new bass player. Anyone who's interested must be willing to travel in a clapped out old van, as we're now aiming to play on the mainland and the continent more often. We've got gigs lined up in January in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, however I'm filling in on the bass for those gigs. We've been asked to play at festivals in the UK and the Netherlands this year, and we've got gigs lined up in Orkney, mainland UK, the Netherlands and possibly Germany throughout the year. You don't need to worry about paying for any of that, though as the band now draw a big enough audience "doon sooth" to be profitable when we play away. A passport is essential. Anyone interested, please contact me at mick_tait@hotmail.com or Dave at davey_ade@hotmail.com.
  21. I switched to BT from pipex after they were bought by Tiscalli as I couldn't get any quality of connection at all. I was on a business line and Tiscalli simply didn't have enough bandwidth to cope with the new user base they bought from pipex. I'm very happy with BT. I've got the unlimited option as I'm using sometimes gigabytes a day because of the work that I do. I've had no problems with line drops (except once when my router got updated) however there have been some times where the download speeds have been slow. Checking the connection, it would seem to be the microwave link that's the problem, so I imagine when BT are slow, everyone else will be too as they're all coming up the same route. Anyone heard any news about the fibre laid by Faroe Telecom? When are BT adding that to the route to Shetland?
  22. We've had a run of bad luck since we got back from our European/Scottish tour. Our bass player left so I'm filling in on the bass, we've had gigs cancelled out from underneath us and illness in the ranks have all taken their toll. We're still practicing and working on new stuff and we have a number of gigs lined up for November/December so we'll be back out there again soon. Also look out for a new cd which will be in the shops soon - Ten Tonne Dozer's live set at RTW FM in the Netherlands.
  23. I came across this while reading "Northern Mythology" by Benjamin Thorpe - first published circa 1851: "From Norway, the horse-remedy most probably found its way to Shetland where, 'When a person has reveived a sprain, it is customary to apply to an individual practiced in casting the "wresting thread". This is a thread spun from black wool, on which are cast nine knots, and tied round a sprained leg or arm. During the time the operator is putting the thread round the affected limb, he says, but in a tone of voice as not to be heard by the bystanders, nor even the person operated upon: "'The Lord rade "'And the foal slade; "'He lighted, "'And he righted; "'Set joint to joint, "'Bone to bone, "'And sinew to sinew. "'Heal in the Holy Ghost's name!'" (Note the rather odd translation is Mr Thorpe's, not mine). I mentioned this to my Father, who said he'd never heard of it, but my Grandfather had a belt of knotted "moorit oo" that he wore whenever he had a bad back, so the tradition made it in one form or another into the twentieth century.
  24. So... why do you need a council house? 'Cos my landlord has told us that he may need to move us out soon as he might need the house back. Not saying any more than that, but there's an insecurity of tenure involved. However until he gives us formal notification to quit, it adds nothing to my application. And before anyone mentions mortgage, there's good reasons for not going down that road too. Suffice to say, sometime in the near future me and my family may be in a position to /need/ a council house.
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