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  1. If it was us heading the other way looking for refuge how would we be received ???
  2. I don't think you spent very long reading the comments section on that site, its clear you obviously have an opinion that is subjective and anything contrary to that is shot down in flames
  3. I think a matter like this really needs a public consultation to decide how its done and also to discuss the impact on the community
  4. B/M/S

    Dump Fire

    Kaiser Chef Your suggesting spending hundreds of thousands of pounds if not into the millions putting pipes threw a waste landfill site just incase it ever starts burning to the degree that it can generate any heat energy. Do you really have any idea how stupid that suggestion is ? I am astounded two people liked that comment !
  5. They scrapped the five year rule as numbers were down , you will need an invite and also need to be a bloke for the lerwick one , country ones are for women as well. But even without up helly A, you should still find plenty of things to do
  6. I think your best bet are the sports clubs , there probably is quite a lot of other clubs and organisations which meet up . Here's a few suggestions. If your worried about winter isolation try night classes at the college good way to meet people , join an up helly a squad they usually meet up once a week from October threw to end of January. The guy at High level music does guitar lessons , probably also music clubs who meet up, If your into Radio controlled car racing there is club. You could become a youth worker at the youth clubs if that appeals to you. Where in Shetland are you
  7. I would'nt loss any sleep over losing the Staney Hill to new housing
  8. What about the huge bit of land the council bought at the ness of sound for a fortune but never put a single thing on it ??????
  9. Probably around 0.03 - 0.04p per bag
  10. Do they pay you for it ? I thought it was £50 but a friend said it is'nt I would need the motor lifted away ?
  11. There are plans to repair the car park
  12. I am not the author of the article or the petition , please see link
  13. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/shetland-islands-council-resign?recruiter=30548335&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition The people of Shetland have been badly let down by their elected officials. The last election was fought and won on a promise to slash waste and save services in particular rural education. Our council members tell us they have got to grips with the overspend, yet are slashing services and closing rural schools, but admin has got off very lightly. They are negotiating our future with Westminster and Edinburgh yet are no
  14. Get a grip of yourself and go preach to someone else !
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