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  1. http://www.originart.eu/features/smithy/ws.html probably your best bet... (bruce wilcox) I'm assuming you're looking for tuskars and rippers
  2. it's hardly a splash in the ocean compared to what has been wasted over the years....good to see it coming ahead at last!
  3. it used to be here http://www.shetlandseaangling.co.uk/ but as has been said it's down atm (or at least I can't access it )
  4. ^they've actually been paying for old cars and ferrous for some time SP. The Northern Constabulary website? unfortunately the Shetland RSS feed isn't working so you'd need to trawl through, but it was there on Friday. yup, they poped along me one day when I was filling a skip and told me the same thing. Also a neighbour had some people from south enquiring about scrap, whilst one enquired the other scouted round and took a load of copper he had stored and paid a lot less than he'd have got locally!
  5. Emulsification is when it's mixed with water (you generally need an emulsifier to do this with oils)and you have to use a reagent to split the water from the oils, otherwise it will be suspended in the oil. I think that's what you meant? Diesel has bacteria in it anyway and when stored for long periods this bacteria leaves a sediment in the tank(at best) or turns the whole tank to jelly (at worst) which blocks injectors, filters etc and can be expensive to fix if undetected. I'm sure there's a few boat owners on here that'll put you right SP. btw, we haven't used "TAR" on roads in a very long time, that black stuff used today is called bitumen. and to emulsify it with water acid and soap is added to help mix the water with the oil. anyhoo we're all digressing from the topic at hand methinks.
  6. no! as has been said already, diesel has bugs in. Thats why it can't be stored too long...Google Diesel bug. Petrol does loose volatiles which makes it less combustible over time. However that problem is easy solved, just add a splash of fresh fuel and carry on as normal. Any engine that's stored for a few months or whatever should be run periodically to keep everything running fine and oils where they should be, it's not just about the fuel.
  7. my generator has been sitting with fuel in it for about 5 or 6 years. I had to start it this weekend and it didn't want to run so I figured the fuel must be a little weak. I added about a cup of fresh petrol to the tank and drained the bowl under the carb and it started first pull... All diesel has bugs in apparently GS. this is why you wouldn't want to leave tank full of diesel fuel for too long. It's bacteria that can either turn your diesel fuel to jelly or leave the bottom of the tank(or fuel lines I'd guess) full of filter clogging crap. best advice DaveH is to run the genny periodically anyway, you don't want to find yourself needing it and it not starting....[/url]
  8. Cunjo skips are usualy dropped off before nine Dave, from what I've noticed. Then they're generally full before lunchtime as you'll be aware... The only way I've managed to dump stuff in one of da local skips was when I noticed the truck dropping it off and by the time I'd filled a small trailer and traveled the half mile to where it was there'd already been a tractor dump a trailer full in!
  9. I've seen the results from Stronachs and it made a 53plate Audi look like a new car. Haven't used them myself yet so can't comment on price.
  10. Stronachs do it...number in da book
  11. mind and use street view and you'll see how easy a walk it is just drag the wee man to the road
  12. don't know specifically for rag worm up here but there's plenty of Lug worm about.... Pool of Virkie is always full of casts, Sellaness is a good one too. Just depends where mite be closest to you. best bet is to make for the shore at low ebb and have a lookee for casts.
  13. more than half the cost of a litre of fuel is taxes....not just the oil industry!
  14. you don't have to have a grey harled blob of an eyesore just because you're building with block... http://www.source4me.co.uk/store/Render-Plaster/External-Render-Stucco/Fibres-Dyes-Sealants/Concrete-Render-Mortar-Dyes-with-White-Cement/prod_179.html?PHPSESSID=4f3e057ee6288910428f4fa7497c679f colour your mortars! nor does your Harl have to be boring either, there's a wide variety of materials you can harl with! http://www.specialistaggregates.com/harling-pebble-dashing-individual-packs-c-197_198.html how many wooden houses are there left from the seventies up here?
  15. you can get leather cleaner from Harry's. It's like a cream and don't smell much...we use it fior cleaning/conditioning the sofa. think it's something like this stuff IIRC http://www.choiceful.com/disprod.php?pId=2823
  16. dimplex calculator here http://www.dimplex.co.uk/products/domestic_heating/installed_heating/how_much_heat_do_I_need.htm
  17. ^^ Use the Acid wash with care and make sure it's completely cleaned off as it will damage the plaster otherwise. Acid and cement react quite aggressively so don't be surprised when it starts fizzing I think there's a Chlorine based cleaner you could use but I forget the name...
  18. I've been using this add-on for Firefox for ages https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/9609/ it blocks trackers rather than adds....
  19. there's a guy in Bigton that sells skins, normally has a sign out in the summer at the start o the straight mile. Don't know more than that am afraid...
  20. Again you seem to be missing the point Carlos.... As a pedestrian or cyclist I would still pay taxes if I worked or inherited or gained capitaly or ran a buisness but as a motorist I would have to pay even more taxes for the priviledge of driving a vehicle on the roads...
  21. Cars maybe don't damage the structure of the road as such, but unfortunately here in Shetland the surface tends to spall and they have to surface dress the roads. I'm sure you've noticed how it strips off...it's not just trucks that do that I'm afraid. Can you find that on wikipedia? I think you'll also find that drivers of new cars up to band D don't pay tax for the first year. One argument is to do away with road tax altogether for all vehicles and put all the duty on fuel. This maybe taxes a little more fairly as those who drive more on the roads more pay more, considering say someone with a band E car who only uses it once a week to go to the local shop pays the same VED as someone with the same car who commutes everyday. However motorists as you say are not the only ones using the road networks, so how would you get everyone paying a fair contribution for the use of the infrastructure? I guess you're right with the poll tax option, although that didn't work last time round....
  22. No, I think you'll find Number 6 wasn't a number he was a free man I'll believe you on the Grizzly Adams thing tho, I can remember it but not that well
  23. Roads in Britain are designed for the number of standard axles using them in a certain time period. A standard axel is counted as a truck axle although I can't remember the load bearing off hand. And therin lies my point, motorists pay proportionally more tax for the upkeep of the roads they use whereas pedestrians etc do not. The road tax may have been phased out by 1937, but the Road fund wasn't phased out till 1955 it seems.....but the tax on emissions wasn't replacing it until about 1999 when they started charging based on engine size! The Motorist has always had to fund the pedestrians nice smooth footpaths at the side of roads.
  24. But he is just a number, Not a free man
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