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  1. Come Dance with Me (Frank Sinatra). This 1959 album still does for it me. Something's Gotta Give.... let's tear it up!
  2. What suppliers did the two who voted for "Other than Hydro" get? Was it for two meters (heating and lighting, etc)?
  3. I've got an all electric set up for lights and heating. Is there a better (cheaper) supplier out there than Scottish Hydro? Last time I thought about switching it was v. complex with the two meters... Any thoughts?
  4. Chess Shetland is now also meeting for over the board games of chess. Thursdays 6-8pm - Lerwick Library The first floor mezzanine is available on these nights. Lerwick Library has further info and a contact number.
  5. Prefer brain training to a physical work-out? Play chess? Why not join the Chess Shetland team at SchemingMind.com? Overcome Shetland's weather, geographic constraints and transport problems to play on the internet whenever and where-ever you want . Find like minded players from Unst to Fair Isle and Bressay to Foula. The SchemingMind.com is a correspondence style chess site with teams and players from all over the world that strikes a good balance between informality and strong chess. Initially an internet team, I would hope to use the team's forum to possibly progress to an OTB club where players could meet on a regular basis. http://www.schemingmind.com/teamprofile.aspx?team_id=119
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